After questioning from Chino Hills Public Works Commissioner Bob Goodwin Wednesday night, Edison representatives said its policy has changed regarding release of contact information of critical care customers during a forced power outage.  

Mr. Goodwin had been probing Edison during town meetings on whether names of customers requiring electricity would be released so that first responders can assist them. Edison said times have changed and the information will be released to the county’s office of emergency services. 


Skimmer devices were reportedly affixed to the ATM machines in front of the Bank of America in Chino Hills last month, resulting in fraudulent purchases by thieves using customers’ debit card data. Bank officials said they are now monitoring the machines on a regular basis. Officials advise users to wiggle the card readers to see that they don’t pull out, before inserting their cards. Chino Hills residents have been posting on Nextdoor apps that their debit and credit cards are being compromised at gas stations too. 


Chino Police officers, in partnership with Loma Linda University Medical Center, will participate in “No Shave November,” growing facial hair to bring awareness to men’s health. Chief Wes Simmons told the city council Tuesday his mustache may not be as impressive as his fellow officers. Fire Chief Tim Shackelford said firefighters have to keep their chins hair-free because of oxygen masks. 


In an uncommon move, a code enforcement officer for Chino Hills attended Tuesday’s planning commission meeting during a discussion on errant golf balls from Los Serranos Golf Course. Code enforcement supervisor Brandi Larson made contact with impacted residents and told the commission the city is desirous to work with neighbors in protecting their properties, while keeping streets free of canopies and netting. See story on front page.


The Chino Hills Community Foundation has donated $1,187 for the purchase of a television and software for the electronic display at the Chino Hills Community Center. It will be used to display the activities and programs scheduled on a daily basis. The foundation also donated $3,000 towards the veterans’ monument funded by the Chino Hills 55+ Club that will be built near the Community Center.


“Office Hours at the Preserve,” a City of Chino program, will be placed on hold during the holidays. City officials will resume meetings with residents in February.

A Chino Hills resident called the Champion Wednesday to report he found a significant amount of money in a shopping center parking lot and wanted to return the bills to whoever lost them. He set up an email – – for the owner to contact him. 


Several trees and branches were lost in Chino during the Santa Ana wind event that blew through Southern California in late October, City Manager Matt Ballantyne said at Tuesday’s council meeting.


Chino Hills ranked 446 out of 471 in the California State Auditor’s report on fiscal health of 471 cities in the state, putting the city in the top 5 percent of the healthiest cities. The indicators included liquidity, debt burden, general fund reserves, and pension obligations. The city was ranked at “low risk” of experiencing fiscal distress, putting it at a lower risk than 95 percent of the cities evaluated.


Three residents in the area of F Street in Chino complained to the city council Tuesday about a lack of parking because a resident is selling vehicles and parking them curbside. Problems include loud music, big rigs parked on the street, and trucks with refrigeration units running all night. Chino Mayor Eunice Ulloa directed city staff to look into their complaints. 


The Chino city council Tuesday denied a claim of wrongful death because the incident was in San Bernardino. Eida Lizette Castaneda De Pineda claimed Hector Alfonso Pineda walked into a Catholic Charities office in San Bernardino April 4, fell as a result of poorly maintained sidewalks, and died five days later from head injuries. 


Seats are going fast at Chino’s Seventh Street Theatre for the holiday show “A Christmas Carol,” which starts Nov. 30. The Lion King Jr. by the children’s theatre, which ends tonight, has been a sellout.


U.S. Census Bureau tips to avoid fraud: The 2020 Census will never ask for a Social Security number, bank account or credit card number, money or donations. If someone visits to collect census information, verify their identity by making sure they have a valid ID badge with photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark and expiration date. If fraud is suspected, call 800-923-8282 to speak with a Census Bureau representative.


Chino Councilman Marc Lucio announced Tuesday that he and his wife are expecting a son in March. “After that, I’m done,” he said. The couple has three daughters and three sons.

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