Chino Hills recreation division will no longer offer Hiking the Hills classes because of declining participation. The program that began in 2009, where residents walked the trails led by a recreation leader, dwindled after hiking information appeared on apps and social media, including the city’s app. The city intends to revamp the program in fall. 


Steve Hall, 79, superintendent at Los Serranos Country Club for 40 years (1964-2004) died at the end of February at his son’s home in Arizona.


The graceful fork-tailed barn swallows have returned to Chino Hills. They can be seen under bridges, roof eaves and residents’ porches returning to their mud nests from the previous year or making new ones.


The adult Easter Egg-Scramble in Chino Hills is back by popular demand where people 18+ carrying baskets and flashlights stumble their way into a darkened Chino Hills Community Park at 8 p.m. where 7,000 eggs are waiting. Although some eggs contain candy, they’re looking for coupons that list big prizes like a 55” Smart TV and $100 Disney gift card.  


Councilwoman Cynthia Moran is reminding Chino Hills residents that if they adopt their dog from the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, the adoption fee will be subsidized by the City of Chino Hills. The funds are from the revenues received by residents who pay license fees for unaltered dogs, which were increased five years ago.


An audit of the California State Lottery by the California State Auditor’s office determined that the lottery has not followed state law requiring it to increase its funding for education in proportion to its increases in net revenue, resulting in a failure to provide $36 million for education in the fiscal year 2017-18. The auditor recommends the lottery pay the $36 million and the controller’s office conduct regular audits. 


Chino Hills police were called to Costco in Chino Hills Thursday morning after several customers became upset when the store reportedly ran out of bottled water. There was no fighting. A line formed early in the morning prior to the store opening. Customers in Southern California have been stocking up on bottled water, toilet paper and other items because of the Coronavirus. 

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