All trails are closed at the Chino Hills State Park because of muddy conditions but the park is open for all other activities including hiking, biking and horseback riding. To protect visitors, staff and volunteers from the spread of the coronavirus, the visitor center on Carbon Canyon Road in Brea is closed until further notice. 

One of the selling points for the Measure G school bond measure, which barely passed in 2016, was construction of modern school auditoriums needed at Chino and Ayala highs that would handle up to 500 people, to be developed  as community cultural centers with input from the community. So far, the school district hasn’t revealed plans for these facilities that are supposed to be constructed in Phase 2 in the next two years. 

Chino Hills residents are encouraged to sign up for “e-notify” to receive text or email alerts from the city as information on coronavirus unfolds. To subscribe, visit and scroll to the alert center.  

The school district has advertised outside the community for bids for dairy nutrition services, probably another sign that Chino Valley is no longer a dairy center.

Street sweeping citations will not be issued in Chino Hills through April 13 in recognition of the fact that more people are at home. This does not apply to other types of parking tickets. 

Oops—The county put out a coronavirus information piece under the title that Supervisor Curt Hagman had been nominated for vice chairman of the board. This points up one of the hazards of modern social media, when old items aren’t deleted or new ones edited before they are sent. The title was soon corrected for the present board chairman.

Mayor Art Bennett did not attend the special meeting of the Chino Hills city council on the coronavirus Tuesday, but he participated remotely by phone. Mr. Bennett said he is in the high-risk category of individuals, based upon his age and health issues. He drove to city hall after the meeting to sign paperwork via his car window. The mayor said his goal is to stay safe and healthy so he can run a great campaign and be re-elected in November. 

Chino Hills was named the 20th safest city in California in a list compiled by Safewise, a home security review company. The company reported that the city has a violent crime rate of 0.7 and a property crime rate of 12.8 for each 1,000 households. Chino was listed at 120th, with a violent crime rate of 2.8 and a property crime rate of 25.9 per 1,000 households.

Fire Board member Sarah Evinger asked the community during a special meeting of the Chino Hills city council Tuesday to continue to be “blessings” to one another. She encouraged residents to reach out to their neighbor in need, a senior citizen who needs assistance, or somebody with a disability. Mrs. Evinger also urged residents to continue donating to food banks. 

The county Registrar of Voters Office in San Bernardino is closed to the public until further notice because of the coronavirus. Exceptions will be made for the observation of the counting process for the March 3 presidential primary election. Observers will be limited to four at one time for social distancing. Information: 364-2826. 

The City of Chino processed 59 new business license in the month of February. Twenty-one of those are located in the city while 15 were outside the city limits, but performed services to city businesses and residents.  

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