Reva Salter, known as “Ma Chino,” one of the founders of the Chino Youth Boxing Club and a longtime Chino Planning Commissioner has died. The Chino City Council on Jan. 19 adjourned the meeting in her honor. Her news obituary will appear in next week's Champion. 

Some Chino Hills residents lied to sheriff’s deputies during the Blue Ridge Fire in October, prompting a strong admonition from Mayor Brian Johsz. Mr. Johsz said while he was at the Emergency Operations Center, deputies reported that some residents used a ruse to convince deputies to escort them to their homes to pick up vital medicine and once they got there, told deputies they didn’t need to be escorted back and refused to leave. “Don’t lie to our deputies,” the mayor said. “It is completely irresponsible and puts others at risk. If the winds had changed, people would have died.” 

Chino Hills Councilman Art Bennett announced during a recent council meeting that he and his wife Nikki have recovered from COVID-19 and are out of quarantine. Mr. Bennett said his doctor administered antibody infusions to keep him out of the hospital. He got tested for COVID on Jan. 9 at McCoy Equestrian Center and found out he was positive the next day. 

When it was his turn to make comments during the Jan. 21 school board meeting, trustee Andrew Cruz spent several minutes reading statements that claimed the COVID-19 vaccine can cause infertility, serious illness and death. 

The Chino Hills City Council meeting was adjourned Tuesday in memory of resident Kurt Allan who died Jan. 23 after battling cancer since 2016. Mr. Allan, a licensed Realtor and broker, was a long-time active member of the Kiwanis Club of Chino Hills and served on the Healthy Cities Steering Committee. The Vietnam-era veteran was a featured speaker at the dedication of Veterans Park in 2012. He leaves behind his wife Cherrol of 45 years, their children and grandchildren.

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise across the state including the Chino Valley. Capt. John Walker reported 30 thefts in Chino Hills in the last 90 days. Chino Police Capt. Andrew Bjelland reported 46 thefts in Chino during the same time period. Catalytic converters contain metals that command good prices at scrap metal dealers. Since it takes only minutes for a thief to get underneath the vehicle to remove it, police recommend parking in secured garages or well-lit and well-travelled areas.  

Chino Hills has waved the “white flag of surrender” on planting bougainvillea at Los Serranos Park on Pomona Rincon Road. After two plantings failed, the city decided to plant bottlebrush, similar to the variety found in Vila Borba Park in Butterfield that is flourishing. 

Chino Hills High is competing in the San Bernardino County academic decathlon virtually this year on the topic of The Cold War. The essay portion began last week, interviews and speeches follow, and by early February tests will be given in 10 subject areas. 

Sycamore Academy charter school is considering a move from its leased facility at the former Los Serranos Elementary site in Chino Hills. Executive director Barbara Hale said options include a move to the former Cornerstone Christian School on Pipeline Avenue in Chino. Since the Prop 39 lease was initiated in 2019, the charter school and school district have disputed Internet and phone service, and most recently a reimbursement demand by the district of $245,027 for overallocated classroom space.

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