The city of Chino, San Bernardino County, the county’s Department of Public Health and Chaffey Community College are among local agencies to receive federal funding as part of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill, approved by Congress in March. Chino will receive $330,471 and the county more than $6.5 million through Community Development Block Grant and Emergency Solutions Grant programs. Chaffey Community College, with a campus in Chino, will receive more than $11.4 million. More funding announcements are expected.

After a successful “remotely held” Chino Hills Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, chairman Mike Stover said that the meeting proved “you can teach new technology to boomers.” 

Don Lugo High students are reading their favorite children’s books for viewing on YouTube, a project supported by the school district. The Storytime Read-Aloud video collection link is posted on Theater teacher Annette Deming said she hopes the series will provide a break for parents of young children who are learning to read at home.  

Fluffy white fibers are blowing off cottonwood trees in Chino Hills. Each spring when the cottonwoods germinate, they release seeds carried off by fibers. The swirling fuzz lands on lawns, pets, vehicles, pools, and residents. The trees grow in the creek areas.

Congresswoman Norma J. Torres representing Chino in the 35th district has launched an online donation hub for Inland Empire residents to find drop-off locations for medical and protective supplies for police, firefighters, and medical personnel at Gloves, N95 face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are needed. 

Not wanting to press the traffic signal button with their hands for fear of the coronavirus, joggers and walkers in the Chino Valley have been observed activating the green light by kicking the button with their feet. Try a glove or use your elbow.

Local gasoline prices dropped below $2.50 a gallon this past week, thanks to reduced traffic because of the coronavirus and a fight between Russia and Saudi Arabia. This is a dollar less than last year.

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