An online panel discussion June 20 featuring black leaders in Chino Valley hosted by a new group called Welcome 2 The Conversation was “Zoom bombed” with pornographic video clips and a song with racist lyrics when retired local basketball coach Mel Sims was speaking. The host apologized to the 50 viewers and said measures would be taken to prevent future intrusions. 

Dog parks face different challenges than regular parks. Chino Hills had to replace a tree two times in the large arena at Vila Borba dog park after four-legged friends engaged in their own “contests.” A non-connected fire hydrant was installed but patrons were concerned dogs would run into it and removed that as well.  

Swastikas were painted on the rules sign at Vellano Park in Chino Hills the first week of June. The city Public Works Department removed it after it was brought to the attention of the Parks and Recreation Commission.  

A 25 mile-per-hour sign on Carbon Canyon Road at Rosemary Lane and a developer sign for Hillcrest Homes were defaced with “RIP” and other words to “memorialize” a 28-year-old man who was struck and killed there June 18. Placards, crosses and photographs were nailed to the signposts.

Ontario and the airport will host drive-in movies with 50-foot screens on the northeast corner of the airport at Lot 5. Tickets must be reserved at, one per carload. “The Princess Bride” will be shown Friday, July 17 with tickets available July 6 and “Napoleon Dynamite” Friday, July 31, available July 20. 

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