Flags were flown at half-staff at the Chino Hills Police Department and all San Bernardino County buildings, in memory of 43-year-old Sgt. Dominic Vega, a 17-year veteran with the sheriff’s department, who was shot and killed at the end of a pursuit with a motorcyclist in Yucca Valley. Additionally, flags at fire stations in the Chino Valley and the state are being flown at half-staff for Los Angeles County Fire Department fire specialist Tory Carlon 44, who was shot and killed by a co-worker Tuesday at Fire Station 81 in Agua Dulce. 

A burst of summer programs is being announced all over the Chino Valley with sign-up information displayed online and on fence posts. One of the more colorful programs is folklorico dancing for boys and girls offered at the Chino Valley DES Hall.

A helicopter hovering above Carbon Canyon last week brought out questions from residents who later learned that Southern California Edison crews were replacing a power pole.

“Water bugs” coming out of sewer holes are landing in garages, bathtubs, and showers in the Chino Valley. The term water bug sounds reassuring compared to what they really are: cockroaches (American and Oriental species) that live outdoors in drains, sewers, water meter boxes, and other damp, dark locations. Occasionally, they leave their homes and scurry into  houses when it gets too hot, too cold or when their habitats dry out, said Brian Reisinger of the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control. Sealing holes with caulking around doors and windows, pipes and other points of entry can help, he said. A barrier pesticide treatment applied around the outside of the house can also help.

A Champion reporter was threatened by a protestor shouting at her through a megaphone near the anti-Biden stand on Chino Hills Parkway and Pipeline Avenue on Wednesday that she would be sued, doxed, photographed, and followed to her car if she took a photo of the protestor on the public sidewalk.

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