Andrew Cruz, a third-term Chino Valley school board member, described a “vivid dream” during the April 15 meeting involving a nun, a woman in an accident, and a man who told Mr. Cruz he could not render aid because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Mr. Cruz said the dream meant he should speak up about issues that concern him. During a ten-minute speech, he cited a report alleging that coronavirus is actually influenza, warned against vaccinating children, and talked about media-exerted mind control. He urged parents to opt out of the state’s new ethnic studies curriculum, which is not being offered in the district, and asked for promotions at junior high and elementary schools, as well as indoor band practice, as suggested by several parents in letters read to the board. 

Carbon Canyon Road has a skeleton toy seated at a bench near Rosemary Lane in Sleepy Hollow called “Hollow Man” and Woodview Road has a toy doll named Moana from the animated movie of the same name. The presence of the toys generates numerous comments on social media including a recent outburst that Moana has gone missing. One rumor is that was she “in pieces” by the roadway.  

Grass will be replaced at the Chino Hills Dog Park at Vila Borba Park in Butterfield Ranch between Monday, May 3 and Wednesday, May 31 but dogs will still be able to play. The city will close the large-dog arena and place a fence inside the small-dog park arena to divide it in two so that large dogs can enter and exit. 

Rattlesnake warning signs have been added to Hidden Hills, Sunset, Grand Avenue, and Butterfield Ranch parks and the Strickling nature park playground in Chino Hills. Several rattlesnake sightings have been occurring in parks, yards, and open space.

Approximately one-third of the families in the Chino Valley Unified School District have chosen distance learning and must remain virtual through the end of the school year.

Internet connection woes continue to create headaches for Zoom speakers and listeners. During a Wednesday meeting in Chino Hills, a Parks and Recreation commissioner sounded like he was under water but nobody told him, so his comments from beginning to end were garbled. 

Tennis lessons at Grand Avenue Park and line dancing for active adults at the Chino Hills Community Center will be offered by the city’s community services department in May. Swimming lessons will not be offered this summer. The city is gearing up for summer Concerts in the Park but the format and location hasn’t been determined. 

School board chambers will re-open to the public in a limited capacity beginning Thursday, May 20 at 5130 Riverside Drive in Chino.

Spring means getting ready for those dreaded backyard biters by looking around for mosquito breeding sites. Even a bottle cap’s worth of water can be an egg-laying spot. If you want help finding hidden water sources, technicians from the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District will provide an inspection at no cost. Call (909) 635-0307.

Chino Valley Fire District inspectors will begin looking at properties on Monday for overgrown weeds and hazardous vegetation. The district will mail letters to non-compliant property owners in early May, and if the weeds are removed by June 9, no penalty will be assessed. Should the weeds remain,  the district will fine the property owner $328 plus the cost to have a contractor remove the weeds. Information: or (909) 902-5260. 

The pool at the Chino Valley YMCA reopened Sunday after repairs to its pump system. All classes and lap swimming resumed after a six-day closure. 

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