A little over a year ago, just before Joe Biden was elected President, America was energy independent. 

We produced enough oil and natural gas for ourselves, and even exported it to other countries. But since the day he took office, President Biden has attacked the oil and gas industry. He’s cancelled pipelines and federal leases, pressured banks not to lend for fracking, and talked about slashing reliance on fossil fuels in the name of saving the planet from global warming. 

This attempt to decrease America’s oil production has implications far beyond the surge in gasoline prices. Doesn’t our President realize that oil is the source for a whole range of other products besides gasoline?  

Jet fuel, asphalt, waxes, lubricating oils, and chemical feedstocks for pharmaceuticals, plastics, and polymers are just a few of the hundreds of everyday products that come from petroleum. 

Even if climate change advocates were to force the elimination of fossil fuels for generating electricity, solar or wind power can never replace oil as the source for many of the products used in our modern society.  

Whether President Biden likes it or not, the need for oil is not going away any time soon.  

Kenneth Vasquez


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