To state the President is responsible for 220,000 deaths is irresponsible. To claim the President supports the white supremacy movement is false. To state the President called our servicemen and women “suckers and losers” is irresponsible. These and other claims have been proven untrue, yet what do we hear from the mainstream media? The same “misinformation” is repeated over and over, and this same media is in part responsible for the division we’re experiencing in this country today. It’s a one-sided media blitz.

This election year has been especially pivotal. Moving towards socialism is a path our country has never taken, and those people in the United States who’ve fled a socialist country say don’t go there please, that’s what we fled from…in order to be, and exercise our God given freedoms.

Have we become complacent in our desire to educate ourselves on these life changing issues? We instead rely on sound bites, Hollywood opinions, article titles and a general lack of interest in those monumental ideas which are encapsulated in the Constitution. Hopefully you did not vote based on a personality, but rather policies.

With the promises made by one of two parties, our freedoms will be whittled away one at a time. Don’t we care enough? Once our freedoms are lost to a power hungry government, a country will never recover them. For mine and your kids and grandkids, I voted to retain the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Michael Horvath, Chino Hills

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