Elections have consequences

A democracy is only one vote away from tyranny. I think we are on that path to tyranny and world disorder.  In the first presidential debate, Biden refused to commit to not packing the Supreme Court.  He stated that Antifa is just an idea. Biden did not take a strong position on law and order. The Democratic Party has mentioned that they are willing to reconfigure the Electoral College and the Supreme Court. 

Trump’s achievements are well known — outstanding economy, job creation, increased wages for workers, and a period of world peace and stability.

The consequences are traumatic if Biden is elected president and Democrats win both houses of Congress. There will be a stock market crash, jobs lost, violence in states, and international conflicts. China will take military action against Taiwan like Putin took Crimea when Obama was president.  Putin will become more threatening as well as will North Korea and Iran. 

I see complete chaos internationally and domestically. With the Democrats in control of the Presidency, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court, this will become the end to our democracy and any checks and balances.  The strategy is clear and with the help of the mainstream media and opening the presidential election to non-solicited ballots, the Democrats will rule with total power. Voters appear not to be aware of the potential devastating consequences of their choice.

Trump has done much in three years towards improving the lives of the working class and in particularly for the minority communities.   He has empowered African Americans to rebuild their communities. The world has never seen more peace than now.  

Bob Paul, Dala-Jarna, Sweden

(Mr. Paul is a former Chino resident.)

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