No regard for cities

In reference to the article “State has no regard for cities, says attorney” in the April 3 Champion, Chino Hills City Attorney Mark Hensley, all cities, and private sector taxpayers are seeing exactly what our state government employees and our state legislature want you to see with all of the hundreds of new laws they are passing.

Concerning the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), their demands that the City of Chino Hills find a way to build 3,720 affordable housing units crammed into your city has nothing to do with housing, saving the planet, social justice or housing the poor.

It’s all about transferring wealth from the private sector and local governments into the pockets of our state government employees. 

We voters did not let our state employees loot business owners with the state government employee union sponsored split roll tax. So, now they are simply going through the back door to get their money. Our state government employees own our state legislature by having bankrolled a bunch of their Democrat puppets into our legislature.

The fact is that our state government employees have now taken over the government itself. Our state government employees simply demand of their Democrat puppets to pass new laws and all of these hundreds of new laws come with new fees, fines and taxes. 

In the case of cities, the HCD will fine $600,000 per month for not being able to comply with HCD demands which they know are not achievable. The HCD hopes you don’t build the 3,720 low income houses so that they can then rip you off for the $600,000 per month which all goes to our state government employees. We’re talking billions here. 

City Attorney Mark Hensley, you are very correct. This sort of passing of hundreds of new laws with new fees, fines and taxes attached will continue and even get worse until we take back our government. And that won’t ever happen until we purge our state legislature and all state held offices of all of these bought and paid for Democrats. 

Ray Moors,

Chino restaurant owner

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