Where’s the proof

I was trained as a scientist. It seems to me that most of the policies and regulations being made regarding COVID-19 by government officials are not based on science, but on other criteria.

For example, I haven't seen any scientific data that says eating outdoors at a restaurant is just as dangerous as eating indoors at a restaurant. Let’s see the data first, before we shut down outdoor dining, not to mention parks, campgrounds, or anything outdoors.

I haven’t seen any scientific data that shows you have more danger of getting COVID-19 from shopping at a small business than you do from Costco or WalMart. Let’s see the data first, before we shut down “non-essential” businesses, and destroy people’s livelihoods.

I haven’t seen any scientific data that shows you’re more likely to get COVID-19 at 10:05 p.m. than you were at 9:55 p.m. I’m sure the virus doesn’t care what time it is.  Let’s see the data first, before we impose a 10:00 p.m. curfew.

I suspect that if the government officials, politicians, and bureaucrats who make these unscientific rules had lost their jobs and income since last March, they would quickly find a way to remove the edicts they impose on everyone else.

Kenneth Vasquez, Chino

The rock trail

Last week I was greeted by the ever smiling happy go lucky governor of California on your Page 1. I became even more aggravated by the Trail of Rocks story on Page B-3.

During this "lockdown - staying in your house and don't get depressed" time, my wife and I frequent this trail often and noticed the rocks that adorned the trail sides. Colorful, cheerfully crafted rocks, no doubt by our local children doing something good for our community. We even engaged our grandkids to paint several as well.

We walked the trail and planted our rocks just so. However, recently during our trail walk we noticed the missing rocks. It became apparent someone had thrown some of these colorful rocks down the embankments or off into the dirt. Most were not even found. What gets into the minds of kids today? Are they that bored during this time that even kids' art, which is meant to bring cheer, is being targeted for vandalism?

Just another ridiculous event in good old California.

Mike Horvath, Chino Hills

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