From the widespread nature and intensity of public demonstrations focused on racism, police brutality and need for social changes these subjects have gained enough momentum to keep pressure on reform of long-standing inequitable public policies.  I am optimistic  long overdue changes will be addressed, including aggressive law enforcement practices.  Seeing a police car in your rear -view mirror shouldn’t cause a nervous reaction, knowing all rules are being followed. 

  Still fresh in my mind is an experience traveling toward an intersection.  When a box truck clearly drove through a red light, my wife was pulled over (with me as the passenger) because I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt.  She didn’t want to believe it when I told her it was because of the bald guy with dark glasses in our car. Being bald was a result of my cancer treatment. We were let go after confirming she and my license were OK. 

My children have been taught to stand up for what they believe in.  They are aware of the socio-economic issues in the news affecting minorities, but the bigger concern is the more prominent issue of systemic flaws and questionable police practices such as racial profiling that exist, even in Chino.  Feeling the need to help promote change, they have participated in demonstrations.  

Hopefully, the enthusiasm being exhibited by the public translates to an overwhelming turnout at the polls in November to exercise their right to vote.  That privilege is just as powerful as the right of protest and can continue the momentum to change the divisive and aggressive atmosphere promoted by the current administration.  

Change starts with demonstrations but continues when responsive, responsible and mature leadership is in place in all levels of our democracy.

Arturo Ramirez, Chino

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