I would like to respond to the “Energy Independence” letter from Kenneth Vazquez (March 19). Global warming is real, and the latest climate assessment from the United Nations is dire. Here in Chino, things look just “fine.”

That is not the case all over the planet as glaciers and permafrost melt, oceans rise, and storms, fires, and droughts intensify.

People will begin migrating away from areas that become uninhabitable.

Supporting oil and gas is short-sighed. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to quickly move away from causing dangerous emissions. As for the other products derived from oil, replacements can be found.

The main culprit I see is the horror of plastics. Approximately 170 countries (but not the United States) have recently signed a proclamation to end the production of plastics. Here in the United States, we have greatly surpassed our “right” to pollute the planet, our home. The time for transitioning away from fossil fuels is now.

Liz Irons


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Climate has been changing for millions of years. Nothing we do will reverse the effects. Those who are concerned should boycott fossil fuels and plastics. They only drill for oil because you buy it.

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