Anyone else get an uneasy feeling when the man responsible for the mess is also the one trying to offer the fix? Newsom's open border, sanctuary city, bad business decisions  has no doubt played a big role in the 54B deficit California is in. And yet we are to look to him to fix it?

Another one of his genius ideas is a 10% pay cut to state workers. Again, punishing Californians. The real kicker is, while he is willing to shut down CA businesses and create unconstitutional laws to enforce upon Americans, he sure has no problem rewarding illegals with our stimulus money.

He has no problem punishing law abiding Californians, and rewarding law breaking illegals.

His words are pretty but his actions show his true colors. 

If California is to heal and persevere we will need true leaders who put California first. The best thing Newsom can do for California is just walk away.

William J. Gariador, Chino

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