Trucks in Carbon Canyon

Very good article (Aug. 17) covering the unfortunate Freightliner accident on the Carbon Canyon Road S-curves. 

Oversized trucks transit this area many times a day and cross over into the oncoming lane or the street border causing damage to the roadside. 

If an oncoming car cannot take evasive action there is an accident. 

Sometimes the trucks get stuck, causing huge traffic backups. It’s simply incredible that Caltrans traffic officials let this continue.

I was unaware and extremely disappointed that Caltrans was surveying the S-curves for potential widening. This type of incompetent action is completely opposite in finding a solution, and defies all logic. 

Do they realize that that the S-curves are very close to homes? Many of these homes have vehicles routinely crash onto their property and now Caltrans wants to widen the road and move the traffic closer to their property lines.

Where does this faulty logic stop? There are many other dangerous areas along Carbon Canyon Road such as through Sleepy Hollow where homes are in very close proximity to the road. 

As far as the comment about the trucking industry’s influence, that’s an invalid argument. I’m certain that the trucking industry doesn’t want their drivers to be unsafe. 

There is no business/commerce requirement for oversized trucks to use Carbon Canyon Road except as a dangerous shortcut.

Temporary variances can be issued for large moving trucks and escorted oversized loads. 

In addition to big rigs and Freightliners, I have seen huge car hauler trucks and fuel tanker trucks. This is extremely hazardous as the car hauler trucks are inherently top heavy, and transiting the S-curves is a very poor combination. 

A fuel tanker truck incident in this fire prone area would be a disaster. 

If Caltrans doesn’t want the cities of Chino Hills and Brea to blame them for this continued mess, they need to communicate with the State Legislature on the seriousness of the situation and bring them up to speed. That’s their job.

Erik Simonsen, 

Chino Hills

Board member behavior

School board member Andrew Cruz needs to be censured and removed from the board immediately. 

He spreads conspiracy theories, lies and flat-out hate from the dais. Two years ago, he was forced to issue an apology for stating that Hitler wasn’t bad. 

At the most recent board meeting, he decried “ethnic studies” in another unhinged rant filled with lies and bizarre antics. 

It is unacceptable that Cruz is in a position to disparage our students and equally unacceptable that nothing is being done about his repeated behavior.

Tim Ricketson,

Chino Hills

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