Unfounded information

It was with disbelief that I read school board member Andrew Cruz's statements at the Jan 21st board meeting. Mr. Cruz and the groups that support his unfounded and disproven statements do our school system and our entire community a grave disservice.

 As of Feb. 2, 2021 there have been over 26 million cases of coronavirus and at least 450,000 deaths in the United States alone and 103 million cases and 2.25 million deaths worldwide according to Johns Hopkins University. As of the same date there have been over 25 million doses of vaccine administered in the US and over 100 million worldwide with no confirmed deaths caused by the vaccine. Some of the usual rumors and falsehood do appear on social media and the less than reliable internet sites, but a little checking quickly disproves the ones I have encountered.

 The obvious conclusion, the virus kills, the vaccine does not. We all want our schools to open quickly and safely. The answer is to get vaccinated as soon as possible. We all want our stores, our places of worship, our entire communities to reopen. The solution is the same. 

Mr. Cruz can believe whatever he likes but to discourage others based on unscientific rumors and falsehoods is cruel. I am pretty certain the families of the 450,000 dead Americans would have liked to have had the opportunity for their loved ones to have taken the vaccine. 

John Scott, Chino Hills

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