I commend Chino Hills Mayor Brian Johsz for opposing overdevelopment of housing in our city. 

A recently approved California Senate Bill allows up to two duplexes on lots designated for single-family housing and permits owners to subdivide their lots to as many as four units on a single-family parcel. 

Yes, there is a housing shortage in California, but that doesn’t mean we should tightly pack homes like sardines.

Most residents moved to Chino Hills because of the natural open space, the numerous beautiful parks, the unspoiled rolling hills, the sense of safety, and great schools. 

Yet, with overbuilding and high-density development, whether it be homes or business, there comes numerous challenges and headaches. 

Having too many people in one place brings more vehicle traffic, increased air and noise pollution, overcrowding in our schools, added strain on city resources, diminishment of open spaces and wildlife, increased degradation of environment and much more. 

Many studies have shown that all these factors potentially lead to increased anxiety, stress, conflict and general decline in health. Many of our residents fled other cities due to these exact same issues.

In 1990, there were about 38,000 residents in Chino Hills – currently there are now about 85,000 of us here. In three decades, there have been huge changes and rapid development of the city. 

Currently, there is very limited space for building and we need to start putting the brakes on development and slow things down– our emotional, mental and physical health depends on it.


Adrian Fernandez

Chino Hills

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