Freedom of religion

The letter 'Worship during virus" last week merits a response.  

First, our Founding Fathers unanimously made it clear from the get-go that our rights are God-given, not from man (government). Since our rights are from God, then it is God and only God who can take them away.

Christian and non-Christian alike share these inalienable rights.  Secondly, the First Amendment guarantees Americans four freedoms: freedom of worship, assembly, speech and petition. Of the four, it is not by accident that our Founding Fathers listed 'Freedom of Religion' first.

Last week's letter-writer specifically targeted Pastor Hibbs (Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills).  The letter-writer accused Pastor Hibbs of putting his congregation in harm’s way by conducting in-person worship services in defiance of Covid19 governmental guidelines.  Totally ignored by the letter-writer was the recent motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota that attracted more than one quarter of a million mask-less bikers exercising their First Amendment right to assemble.  Also not mentioned, the tens of thousands of BLM protesters who on a weekly basis take to the streets ignoring COVID-19 guidelines to exercise their freedom of speech and assembly.

Pastor Hibbs' courage to place our inalienable rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution over those restrictions imposed by state and local governments should be admired and praised, not criticized. 

Glenn Alsdorf, Chino Hills

Unanswered call

I tried repeatedly to contact the office of Senator Connie Leyva last week to ask her to vote NO on SB 145.  No one answered her phone at any of her three offices.  I got a recorded message telling me it was her office but could not leave a message.  I sent her an email message. 

Connie Leyva voted Yes on SB 145 which reduces penalties on some adults who have consensual sex with minors as young as age 14.  Does anybody in Chino believe this law represents their best interest or their values?  We get to have our vote in November.

Gary L Ostapeck, Chino

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Most of our congress people have the same system as Leyva's - They don't answer their phones. I've called (and tried to write from their websites - that impede inquiries in numerous ways) on numerous occasions. They don't want to hear from us.

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