Candidate blind

Regarding the candidate forum for city council Oct. 10: Candidates were asked “what role does the city have in addressing systemic racism.” I feel candidate Art Bennett gave a totally inappropriate answer. Dodging the question by saying the current city council had “not fully vetted” the proposal, when San Bernardino has already declared racism a “public health crisis,” and then further turning a blind eye to systemic racism with the statement “I’m not convinced we have systemic racism within the City of Chino Hills” is blatantly callous and hurtful to those that do see it and especially to those who have had to deal with it for their entire lives. 

We cannot allow someone with such a limited and sheltered viewpoint to remain on our city council. They should be there for the good of all, not just “what he doesn’t see.” 

Tim Ricketson, Chino Hills

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