Opening restaurants and expecting them to be able to adhere to and enforce social distancing is a very bad idea. Presently, willing restaurants are succeeding with curbside pickup and to-go ordering. Customers are all dining at the same safe place, their homes.

 Expecting a restaurant to be able to use half or less of its dining capacity will only cause more problems for them. Not many restaurants can exist on 50% or less of  required income. They’ll just get deeper into debt while losing more money. Enforcing social distancing will be a nightmare, dictating who is allowed in and how far away they must sit from other customers.

People eat with their mouths open, no face coverings. They  have allergies and cough for many other reasons than this virus. Are we to throw people out because they coughed? Are we to become engaged in demands by customers to have other customers thrown out or moved? It will be impossible to keep social distancing requirements as customers come and go.

At busy times a normal one hour wait will turn into two hours or more as only half the dining spaces can be used. People will not be happy. And of course, there’s the liability issue. You can always count on California attorneys to find a way to make money out of a bad situation. Already they are advertising in order to file thousands of lawsuits against businesses for customers and employees who will claim that they were wrongfully exposed to this virus. 

Presently, wise restaurateurs have successfully implemented curbside pickup and customers are safely picking up their orders. I strongly urge our governor, county supervisors and city councils to wait until restaurants can use, without restrictions, 100% of their dining areas. 

Ray Moors, Chino

(Mr. Moors is longtime owner of Joey's Bar-B-Q.)

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