Worship during virus

I’ve followed various announcements and articles recently where Jack Hibbs of Chino Hills Calvary Chapel and their attorney take issue with our temporary state mandates for complying with COVID-19 safety issues. They object to the COVID-19 mandates and call them an affront to their religious freedom and liberty as provided in the Bill of Rights. I don’t understand these objections nor the insistence that they need to worship together to fully participate in their religious freedom.

There has not nor has there ever been any attempt to restrict any freedom of association or freedom of expression during these times. The “demands” for open worship and assemblage have been rejected by the SCOUS and several superior courts in California in that these demands violate California temporary mandates. These mandates (social distancing, no indoor gatherings, no sharing of common elements) do not forbid worship but rather encourage everyone to comply with CDC guidelines for a safer country and California.

Demanding that group worship in these times of turmoil belies common sense and scientific facts.  Jack Hibbs should also remember that “where two or more are gathered in my name there I shall also be.”

In addition, “when you pray go to your quiet place and pray to God” and “don’t be like the false prophets and others who stand on the corner and shout out for everyone to hear.”  

The common comparisons of disregarding seat belts, impaired driving etc. with worshiping does not compute. The common good, health for all and protecting the weak and vulnerable are more important than what they are demanding. 

Worship remotely, stay away from crowds and each other. Our lives depend on it.

Dennis Frankeberger

Chino Hills 

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