“Follow the science” is the only mantra for defeating COVID-19; that is, if we believe the political cartoon on your Aug. 14 opinion page.  

COVID-19 is a complicated virus. Yet we are told there is one, and only one, answer for everyone, young and old: “get the vaccine!”  

Now we read in the New York Times that the vaccinated are spreaders. Next, 70 percent is not herd immunity, we’ll all have to get boosters, wear masks indoors, outdoors, vaccinated or not, and shun anyone who is not standing in the same “passport” line with us.  

Families and friends are now engaged in Civil War with one another over a still experimental vaccine, while anyone questioning its efficacy or suggesting alternative treatments is broadly painted as “anti-vax” and entirely banned. 

Fear and confusion abound. Science says wear masks. Then that same science says masks aren’t effective.  

Science tells us the vaccine is safe; yet many hospital workers are refusing it.  

Is it not possible that studies on both sides can bring us to better knowledge?  Different medical perspectives will help us to “test the hypothesis?”  In modern times, it seems odd to mock the social media followers who “like” those “snarky anti-vaccine memes.” 

After all, based on evidence around them, ancient and brilliant civilizations believed that the earth was flat — I wonder how much scorn and censorship the early explorers endured?   

To move forward from this pandemic, we too must bravely venture out and open the gates to the various and competing views from reputable scientists.  

We’ve followed the science and the pandemic mandates since March 2020; the prognosis only worsens. 

It’s time to bring new light, demand access to silenced studies and obscure data, and consider alternative medical interventions that can and have worked. Only then can we truly “follow the science” and defeat this pandemic.

Jeanne Batista 


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Thank you for your thoughts. I feel the same way and its refreshing to see someone speaking out about this.

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