I disagree with last week’s criticism of James Na and his conservative supporters (letter to the editor May 21). The writer insulted the intelligence of those people and implied that they were lied to, calling Mr. Na’s logic “twisted,” the school board a “dysfunctional laughingstock,” and even suggesting a “sinister implication.” 

Those personal attacks are unneeded.  

We just disagree about when life begins and whether a fetus is a person, distinct from the parents. If life begins at conception or a fetus is a person, it’s wrong to end that life in the womb. That “person” is not being given a choice about his or her body. 

The writer suggested that the motive of Mr. Na’s church (I attend that church too) has “nothing to do with caring about children.”  

An analysis of that statement in context would mean that the writer would rather those children be dead (or not be born).  Which is more caring?  

Without attempting to read that writer’s mind or motives, I just don’t agree. My reading of AB 2223 (and I have read it) is that it will not only make abortion more available at any stage (including “perinatal,” defined as including up to seven days after live birth), but it will also impose at least a $25,000 per person fine on anyone who disagrees and tries to protest abortion.  

AB 2223 is not just an assault on children (in or out of the womb); it’s a broad attack on anyone who disagrees with the pro-abortion lobby. Our state lawmakers are ignoring us so anything we can do locally, including supporting Mr. Na in his effort, should be done. In my view, AB 2223 is bad lawmaking and should be stopped.  

Lastly, I need to say, our church has ministries to help single moms and children, and a ministry to help women who carry guilt about having had an abortion(s). 

According to the Bible, it’s a sin, but God loves us all and offers a path to complete forgiveness and renewal for those who want it. 

Joe Alagna 

Chino Hills


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