Adult school graduation

I was pleased to see the names of the Adult School High graduates in the Champion, with students who received their prized GED certificates.

To my students: I am saddened that I could not personally say good-bye to you.  I will carry each one of you in my heart as I retire now from a profession I have dedicated my life to for forty-five years.  And, when time and opportunity permits, I will visit those of you whom remain at our school, to eventually say hello again.

I commend all the teachers of the district for their unending and tireless effort during the last three months of the school year.  Having my own child home from school reinforced for me, an experienced educator, how incredibly difficult it is to manage child care and a child’s education at the same time—particularly for a special needs child.

The efforts that the District put forth as well as our Associated Chino Teachers union prove that as a team, the District has forged forward during this unprecedented pandemic.  I hope and pray that in the continued months, things will get easier for everyone and that all district’s students, employees and their respective families will remain in good health and positive spirits.  A special salute to my principal and to the directors of Student Support Services and Alternative Education, as well as to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for their tireless efforts and support.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.

Sandi Wasserman, Chino


Handling behavior

The actions of the fire board are an example to all of us on how to handle behavior that is not good for the growth of community. Do not sit quietly and shake your head, call it out. Great job fire board, we can all learn from you.

Fred Youngblood, Chino Hills

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