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You may search the Champion's story and photo archives for free but there is a small fee to retrieve complete stories and/or photos prior to June 2015. Our story archives are divided into three parts as we make the transition to our new site format. You will be offered payment options only after you select to download the full-text of any article. The three archive parts are 1887 to 2014; January to May 2015 and June 2015 to the present.

June 2015 to the present: Search our site for free using the "Search this site" box at the top right corner of this page and most other pages on our site. Using this box you will find complete stories and photos from June 1, 2015 to the present. It will also show some archived stories before June 2015 that have been transferred from our old site but they may be incomplete or missing.

January 1, 2005 to current: At the moment, this date range only includes the news story and photo captions – no photographs accompanying the story are included. (If you must have the photo for this date range now, see "Subscribers Only" below.) During the next few months, when our site transition is complete, photos will be included for this date range. Click for this date range.

November 11, 1887 to December 31, 2014: The Champion is excited to offer our readers access to our oldest issues - all the way back to our first issue on November 11, 1887. Some issues in this new archive have never before been available online. They previously could only be read at our office. You may search this archive for free but there is a small fee to retrieve the complete story. You may also purchase a membership allowing more access with our new vendor, (a division of Click HERE to visit Chino Valley's past.

E-Edition Members Only: There is one other option that is not part of our Archives. If you are an e-Edition, VIP or mail paid subscriber, you may search using all archived e-Editions from 2009 to the present for FREE. Just log-in to your e-Edition account and use the e-Edition search box. You may search for specific time periods within 2009 to the present or the entire data base of issues within this date range. If you are already logged-in, click HERE to search these past e-Editions.

You may still visit the Champion's office to search some bound volumes and digital files in our Archives. Due to the age of many of our past issues some may not be available for public viewing. We recommend you try the online search first.


 *Please note: Stories purchased from our archives are copyright protected. You may not republish these stories without the express written permission of the Champion’s publisher. Stories sold on this website are for the individual, personal use of the credit card holder only. These pricing packages are not intended for commercial use or in institutions such as schools, colleges, or libraries.

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