Reconsider home interiors

Spring is a great time to reconsider home interiors. This spring,  homeowners can embrace various strategies, both big and small, to give their homes a whole new feel. 

Spring is a season of rejuvenation, and that spirit of renewal can take hold inside a home. Warm weather and longer hours of daylight make spring a perfect time to imagine a home’s interior design in a new light. 

The following are a handful of decor ideas that may inspire homeowners to give their homes an entirely new look this spring.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper fell out of favor years ago, but new styles that are not so heavily patterned can make for wonderful additions to any room. 

Large-scale prints can give a room a whole new feel without giving homeowners or their guests the impression that they have stepped back in time. 

A simple, mural-style floral wallpaper on the walls surrounding a table in a breakfast nook can bring nature inside.

Pastel colors: Nothing embodies the spring quite like pastel colors. If colorful, bright flowers dot the garden in the backyard, homeowners can bring those uplifting pastels inside by painting an accent wall or even adding some brightly colored accent furniture to rooms that could use a lift.

Declutter: Clutter is often conquered during spring cleaning sessions, but homeowners who want to create more free-flowing interior spaces can downsize their furniture and/or look for multipurpose features that make it hard for clutter to take over a room. 

Create more open space in entertaining areas by mounting the television and getting rid of a bulky entertainment center. 

Create even more space by replacing rarely used end tables with a storage ottoman where books and magazines can be stored to give a room a fresh, clean look.

Accent features: Sometimes the smallest changes to an interior space make the biggest impression. 

Replace dated accents like vases and table lamps with newer items that reflect the latest styles and trends. Such adjustments will not break the bank, and they can give rooms a whole new feel.

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I love spring. I realy don't pay much attention to the home decoration trend for each year. I remember quite well when I had to give away my real and beautiful plants because I had small children at home and no longer could have them in my living room. But here we are, in 2020, filling our spaces with a hint of green without any fear or guilt! Faux or not, I think we all agree that they always make any space feel more complete and happier!

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