We are still getting used to our new routines since the pandemic forced us all in our homes for extended periods of time. Although businesses are slowly opening back up, many of us should still be cautious so now is the time to leverage the Internet for our physical, mental, and social needs. 

Just because you are at home more does not mean you can’t live a life full of vitality. Here are some ideas to keep you engaged, active and having fun! 

1. LACMA offers a broad range of ways to enjoy art. People can visit www.lacma.org and watch short films, exhibition walkthroughs and listen to curated audio soundtracks and compositions. 

2. Visit Inter Valley Health Plan’s blog at blogs.ivhp.com for helpful articles on everything from staying on top of the latest scams since COVID-19, to ways to stay safe at the grocery store and tips on Medicare Open Enrollment. 

3. There are many exercise programs that are now virtual such as CorePower Yoga, offering free streaming live classes each day. And YMCA’s new free online community program, YMCA 360, offering on-demand programs and digital coaching. 

4. Leverage your neighborhood classes that have gone virtual. Inter Valley Health Plan offers free virtual classes geared towards adults 55+ on topics including preventive health and how Medicare works.  Their easy to understand Medicare Step-by-Step class is presented live by one of their Medicare Specialists who can answer your questions in real time.  The schedule of classes (now set for June through August 2020) are available on their website.

Visit ivhp.com/step-by-step to find a class and sign up today.

Take this time to find new ways to do what you enjoy most. 

Inter Valley Health Plan is a not-for-profit, federally qualified HMO contracted with Medicare committed to providing quality healthcare coverage for adults 65+.  With over 40 years in the business of healthcare, the Plan is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older adults throughout its service area. Call 800-500-7018 or TTY/TDD 711, or visit  www.IVHP.com 

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