Understanding the difference between these terms is critical in choosing a health plan and health care team that best suits your needs. Knowing what each does, and the differences between roles, will help empower you to make decisions about your care. 

Health insurance plan: Your health insurance plan pays the cost of covered health care services. This can include: medical care, behavioral health and prescription drug coverage. Through your health plan, you choose a medical network and primary care doctor. 

Medical network (e.g., PrimeCare Chino): You choose your medical network through your health plan. The medical network gives you access to your primary care doctor, hospitals and other health care providers. Your medical network coordinates with your primary care doctor to deliver the medical benefits available to you through your health plan. This can include: hospitalization, urgent care, specialist referrals, case management, lab services and x-ray services. 

Your primary care doctor and health care team: You choose a primary care doctor through the medical network. Your primary care doctor along with their health care team will work with you to deliver the medical care you need and offer the best treatment plan for you. 

Let us give you an example of a similar arrangement not related to health care. You are going to have new kitchen cabinets installed. You go to a home improvement store (ex. Lowe’s or Home Depot) and choose the ones you want. When the people arrive to install them, the delivery van is from “ABC Kitchen Cabinets.” The home improvement store has sub-contracted the work to them, but it remains responsible for the outcome. The relationship between the health plan and the medical network is like that.

At PrimeCare Chino, we have 80+ primary care doctors and a large network of specialists. We’re proud to offer you personalized care in private office settings. You’ll find many locations across Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, Pomona and surrounding cities. Our goal is to give members the right care at the right setting. At PrimeCare Chino, our members are at the center of a caring and coordinated team, led by your primary care doctor. We work with your primary care doctor to deliver the medical benefits your health plan offers. 

PrimeCare Chino accepts new members with many different health insurance plans, including most Medicare plans. Here’s how to join PrimeCare Chino: 

If you don’t have a Medicare plan: 

1. Choose a plan that includes PrimeCare Chino in its network 

2. Choose a PrimeCare Chino primary care doctor

If you have a Medicare plan: 

1. Ask the plan if you can switch to a primary care doctor who is part of PrimeCare Chino

2. Choose a PrimeCare Chino primary care doctor

Need help understanding your Medicare options? PrimeCare Chino is here to help. Learn more about PrimeCare Chino and Medicare by visiting our website: PrimeCare.com/Medicare. You may also request our FREE Medicare At-A-Glance Guide to help get you prepared for Medicare. To request your copy or see a list of all the health plans that PrimeCare Chino accepts, please call 1-888-313-7929. 

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