Readers, you did it again.

Thanks to you, Champion Newspapers third annual Readers’ Choice Awards is happening.

We gave you the categories, ranging from favorite escrow service to favorite place to grab a bite with your family, but you did the hard work. 

Hundreds of you sent in your favorite businesses in Chino and Chino Hills. 

You wrote in to tell us your favorite dentist, who you trust handle your money, watch your pets and take care of your children. 

Here at Champion Newspapers, we sorted and tallied all those entries, and today we announce the winners.

In some cases, old favorites still reign, but some new faces popped up, too.

While sometimes a clear winner ran away with the votes, at other times the race was separated by only a couple of tally marks. We even had a few ties, which proves Chino Valley has much to offer. 

That’s why we decided to tell you the winners and runners-up.

We included the winners contact information, so if you see a business you never heard of before, you can check it out and make your own conclusions. 

Inside this issue, some of the winners speak for themselves. You’ll find their stories scattered between the winners lists.

Some of the winners tell you why they opened their business, what makes them unique and how they try to stay the best in the Chino Valley. 

Of course, you’re always welcome to get to know them by trying them yourself. 

But the businesses weren’t the only winners. 

As a thank you for your hard work, we randomly selected from the enteries 50 runners up to receive gift cards from the Readers’ Choice restaurants.

Additionally, one grand prize winner was pulled from the enteries to receive $100 in restaurant gift cards plus two movie passes.

The Champion Newspapers Readers’ Choice Awards is only in its third year which is quite young compared to most of the businesses listed here.

As we too strive to improve, we constantly examine the categories we award in, and like to turn to you, our readers, for recommendations on new categories.

So if you read through and think something is missing, let us know by emailing

And don’t forget to participate next year when we start the fourth annual Readers’ Choice Awards.


And the winners are...


Health and Medical Care



Winner: Jeremy Bernath,  6040 Riverside Drive, Suite A, Chino, 591-6233

Runner up: Martin Chiropractic


Day Spa

Winner: Glen Ivy, 25000 Glen Ivy Road, Corona, 1-888-Glenivy,

Runner Up: Face Logic



Winner: Kathleen Luciano DDS, 12626 Central Ave., Chino, 628-6005,

Runner Up: Dr Grace Ngo



Winners (TIE): Dr. Anthony Huang, Pacific Coast Dermatology, 13768 Roswell Ave., Suite 102,  Chino, 364-1959,

and Dr Patricia Brotman, 15944 Los Serranos Country Club Drive, Chino Hills, 591-1000, 

Runner Up: Dr. Sandra Lee


Family Doctor

Winner: Dr James Lally, Chino Valley Medical Center, 13193 Central Ave, Chino, 464-9675,

Runner Up: Dr. Benny Guzman



Winner: Dr. Leila Jabaji, 750 N. Diamond Bar Blvd., Suite 103 , 861-1888 

Runner up: Dr. Cynthia Moreno


Plastic Surgeon

Winner: Dr Farzaneh Babak, True Care Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa, 4511 Chino Hills Pkwy., Suite A, (855) 764-7071,

Runner Up: Troy Anderson



Winner: Chino Valley Medical Center 13193 Central Ave, Chino, 464-9675,

Runner Up: San Antonio Regional Medical Center


Medical Office

Winner: Kaiser Permanente, various locations, 850-750-0036,

Runner up: Chino Valley Medical Center


Physical Therapist

Winner: Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness, 15944 Los Serranos Country Club Drive, Suite 250, Chino Hills, (909) 907-0805.,

Runner Up: Pro Body


Urgent Care

Winner: Vista Medical Group, 12488 Central Ave., Suite B, Chino, 613-0100,

Runner Up: Pomona Valley Medical


Weight Loss Centers

Winners (TIE): 24 Hour Fitness,  various locations,

and My Fit Core Fitness, 4833 Lanier Road, Chino, 631-7300,

Runner up: Jenny Craig




Adult School

Winner: Chino Valley Adult School, 12970 3rd St, Chino, 627-9613,

Runner up: A tie between American Career College and Chaffey College.



Winner: Chaffey College 5897 College Park Ave., Chino, 652-8000,

Runner up: Cal Poly Pomona


Elementary School

Winners (TIE): Ontario Christian Schools, 931 W Philadelphia St, Ontario, 984-1756,

and St. Margaret Mary School, 12664 Central Ave., Chino, 591.8419,

Runner up: Oxford Preparatory Academy


High School

Winner: Ontario Christian Schools 931 W Philadelphia St, Ontario, 984-1756,

Runner up: Ayala High School



Winner: Chino Montessori, 6010 Riverside Drive, Chino, 465-6008

Runners up: St. Paul, St. Margaret Mary and Ontario Christian


Technical Training School

Winner: Baldy View Regional Occupation Program, 2890 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite 100, Ontario, 980-6490,

Runner Up: American Career



Winner: Sylvan Learning, 12887 Mountain Ave, Chino, 548-3569,

Runners up: Brain Zone, Class Act, CZ Education, Mathnasium, Reach profession in home tutoring and Tutor Time. 







Winner: Bingo in the Barn, Chino Hills 55+ Club, McCoy Equestrian & Recreations Center, 14280 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills,


Runner up: St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

Bowling Alley

Winner: Chaparral 300, 4191 Chino Hills Prkwy, Chino Hills, 342-7889,

Runner Up: Oak Tree Lanes



Winner: San Manuel Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd, 864-5050,

Runner Up: Pechanga 


Children’s Party Spot

Winner: Party Kingdom, 3937 Schaefer Ave., Chino, 628-9900,

Runners Up: Pump It Up and Chuck E. Cheese


Dance Club

Winner: Montana’s Night Club, 657 Arrow Hwy., San Dimas, 592-2211

Runner Up: The 80s Bar - Montclair


Live Theater

Winner: Chino Community Children’s Theatre, 13123 Seventh St., Chino, 590-1149,

Runner up: The Grove


Movie Theaters

Winner: Harkins Chino Hills 18, 3070 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, 627-8010,

Runners Up: Cinemark, AMC, Edwards 22, Laemmle, Movies 8


Fitness and Recreation


Dance Studio

Winner: The Talent Factory, 13613 12th St A, Chino, 591-1212,

Runner Up: Alta Loma Dance Academy


Golf Course

Winner: Jack Kramer’s Los Serranos Country Club,  15656 Yorba Ave., Chino Hills, 597-1769,

Runners up: El Prado and Vellano



Winner: LA Fitness, 14485 Pipeline Ave., Chino, 393-3101,

Runner Up: 24 Hour Fitness


Martial Arts Studio

Winner; USKO, Various locations,

Runner Up: US Taekwondo



Winner: Club Pilates, 13920 City Center Drive., Suite 4010, Chino Hills, 529-1041,

Runner up: Addicted to Yoga



Winner: Yoga Body Studio, 14677 Ramona Ave., Chino, 247-1921,

Runner Up: Addicted to Yoga


Food and Drink


American Cuisine

Winner: BJ’s Restaurant, 4865 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, 993-5960,

Runners Up: Black Bear Diner and Chino Cafe



Winner: Nothing Bundt Cakes, 4200 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, Suite 395, 393-4622,

Runner Up: Jai Pon


Bar and Grill

Winner: Riverside Grill 5285 Riverside Drive, Chino, 627-4144,

Runner Up: Yard House



Winner: Joey’s BBQ 3689 Riverside Drive, Chino, 628-1231,

Runner Up: Lucille’s BBQ



Winner: Cock A Doodle Restaurant, 12940 Central Ave., Chino, 628-2921,

Runner Up: Flo’s



Winner: Mimi’s Café, 3890 Grand Ave., 465-1595,

Runners Up: Avocado House and Pomona Mining Co. 



Winner: Souplantation, 4645 Chino Hills Pkwy, Suite A, Chino Hills, 315-5265,

Runners up: Golden Corral and Home Town Buffet



Winner: Papachino’s Grill and Greens, 14501 Ramona Drive, Chino, 393-9904,

Runner Up: Cannataros



Winner: Shi-Foo, various locations, 786-1542,

Runner Up: Magic Wok


Coffee Shop

Winner: Flo’s Family of Restaurants, various locations, 597-3416​,

Runner Up: Starbucks



Winner: Hottingers Family Meats, 5437 Chino Ave, Chino, 628-2568,

Runner Up: Roscoe’s



Winner: Riverside Grill 5285 Riverside Drive, Chino, 627-4144,

Runner Up: Tahoe Joe’s


Donut shop

Winner: Manna’s Donuts,  3735 Riverside Drive, Chino, 628-0690, 

Runner up: Freshh Donuts


Family Friendly

Winner: Chino Café 3785 Riverside Drive, Chino, 464-1888,

Runner up: John’s


Fast Food

Winners (TIE): In-N-Out, 3927 Grand Ave. Chino,  (800) 786-1000,

and John’s Hamburger,   13511 Central Ave, Chino, 902-5602

Runner Up: Bravo Burger


Grocery Store

Winner: Stater Bros., various locations, 1.855.STATERS,

Runner Up: Sprouts



Winner: In N Out 3927 Grand Ave. Chino,  (800) 786-1000,

Runner Up: The Habit


Happy Hour

Winner: Yardhouse, 13881 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, 590-9424,

Runner Up: Bluefire Grill


Healthy Eats

Winner: Papachino’s Grill and Greens, 14501 Ramona Drive, Chino, 393-9904,

Runner Up: Lettuce Toss It


Health Food store

Winner: Sprouts Farmers Market, 3630 Grand Ave., Chino Hills, 548-0440,

Runner Up: Clark’s


Hot Dog

Winner: Weinerschnitzel, various locations,

Runner Up: Costco



Winners (TIE): Ojiya 4183 Chino Hills Pkwy, Ste. J&K. Chino Hills,  606-8638,

and RA Sushi 13925 City Center Dr, Chino Hills, 902-0044,

Runner Up: Toyko Kitchen



Winner: Gen Korean BBQ House, 3370 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, 517-9205

Runner up: Wang Cho BBQ


Ice Cream

Winner: Grandma Pucci Homemade Ice Cream, 3926 Grand Ave, Chino, 590-4455

Runner Up: Baskin Robbins


Juice Bar

Winner: Juice it Up, various locations,

Runner Up: Sustain



Winner: Tamarind Restaurant, 4047 Grand Ave, Chino, 364-9141

Runner Up: Paradise of India



Winner: Cannatore’s Italian Restaurant, 12345 Mountain Ave k, Chino, 590-7960,

Runners Up: Olive Garden and Vince’s 


Lunch Spot

Winner: Los Portales Mexican Grill, 12542 Central Ave, Chino, 548-6660,

Runner Up: Corner Bakery


Liquor Store

Winner: Party House Liquor, 4060 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, 597-1759,

Runner Up: Bev Mo



Winner: Casa Sanchez Restaurant, 2264 S Mountain Ave, Ontario, 983-2826,

Runner Up: Tropical Mexico


Micro Brewery

Winner: Chino Hills Brewing Co, 3280 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, 247-1800,

Runner Up: I & I



Winner: New York Pizzeria, 12431 Central Ave, Chino, 627-8883,

Runner Up: JoJo’s


Romantic Restaurant

Winner: Owen’s Bistro, 5210 D St, Chino, 628-0452,

Runner Up: Riverside Grill



Winner: Pacific Fish Grill, 13865 City Center Dr #3095, Chino Hills, 902-0099,

Runners Up: El Pescador, Kings Fish House, Mr. Fish, Papachino’s, Red Lobster


Sports Bar

Winner: Roscoe’s Famous Deli,  14700 Pipeline Ave, Chino Hills, 597-3304,

Runners Up: Bleachers, BJs, Chino Hills Brewery


Steak House

Winner: Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steak House, 3968 Grand Ave., Chino, 628-1320,

Runner Up: Tony’s Spunky Steer



Winner: RA Sushi 13925 City Center Dr, Chino Hills, 902-0044,

Runner Up: Hime



Winner: Royal Thai, 4200 Chino Hills Pkwy  Suite 120, Chino Hills, 614-3174,

Runner Up: Thai Twist



Winner: Souplantation, 4645 Chino Hills Pkwy, Suite A, Chino Hills, 315-5265,

Runners Up: Ashirwad Vegi and Loving Hut



Winner: Pho N Mor 3233 Grand Ave., Chino Hills, 248-0163,



Winner: Yogurt Land, various locations,

Runner Up: Jogurt




Pet Grooming

Winner: Doggie Mat, 5664 Riverside Dr., Chino, 590-3894,

Runner Up: Chino Hills Pet Grooming


Pet Hospitals/ Veternians

Winner: Loving Hands, 4108 Edison Ave., Suite 111, Chino, 591-2273, lov

Runner Up: Chino Hills Small Animal Hospital 


Pet Kennels

Winner: Vinjon Kennels, 3890 Walnut Ave., Chino, 627-2212,

Runner Up: Priceless Pets 



Barber Shop

Winner: Big W, 5662 Riverside Drive, Chino, 465-1842

Runners Up: Chino Hills Barber Shop, Best Barber and Dales, Clip N Cuts, Great Clips, Hambone, Padilla’s, Sports Clips, Traditions Barber Shop


Hair Salon

Winner: Curling Iron, 3902 Grand Ave., Chino, 627-9625.

Runners Up: Giovanni’s Hair Salon, Mirage Salon, Pro Clips, Super Cuts



Winners: Massage Envy, 3825 Grand Ave., Suite B, Chino, 573-0200, 

Runner Up: Massage Green Spa


Nail Salon

Winner: Nail Tyme & Spa, 2983 Chino Ave., Suite A9, Chino Hills, 464-9229

Runner Up: Tippy Toes


Tanning Salon

Winner: Planet Beach, 13890 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, 465-9911,

Runner Up: Palm Beach Tan




Appliance Store

Winner: Cagles, Appliance Center, 114 S. Campus Ave., Ontario, 986-9789,

Runner Up: Lowe’s


Bike Shop

Winner: Incycle, 12345 Mountain Ave., Suite I, Chino, 590-3515,

Runners Up: Competitive Edge, Cycle Rider, Empire Bikes, Goodwill – Chino, Walmart



Winner: Barnes and Noble, 3625 Grand Ave., Chino Hills, 464-1457,

Runner Up: 3-Way Thrift



Winner: Charming Charlies, 13920 City Center Drive, Suite 4040, Chino Hills, 591-8759,

Runner Up: Francesca’s


Clothing Store (Men and Women)

Winner: Kohls, 4093 Grand Ave., Chino, 591-8525,

Runner Up: JC Penny



Winner: Best Buy, 3873 Grand Ave, Chino, 613-6339,

Runner Up: Costco



Winner: Chino Florist 12968 Central Ave, Chino, 628-4775,

Runner Up: Town Square Florist


Furniture Store

Winner: Arizona Leather, 4235 Schaefer Ave, Chino, 993-5101,

Runner UP: Mathis Bros


Gift Shop

Winner: Hobby Lobby, 4625 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, 393-8727,

Runner Up: Amore Flowers 


Hardware store

Winner: Home Depot, 14549 Ramona Ave., Chino, 393-5205,

Runner Up: Lowes


Jewelry Store

Winner: Watches Plus, 5525 Philadelphia St., Suite C, Chino, 313-5896

Runners Up: Jared’s and Robbins Bros


Music Store

Winner: KYR Music, 14560 Pipeline Ave, Chino, 597-0750,

Runner Up: Music N Smart


Shopping Center

Winner: Chino Spectrum, 3801-4097 Grand Ave,, Chino,

Runner Up: Shoppes at Chino Hills


House and Home



Winner: Inland Empire Escrow 12794 Central Ave, Chino, 591-9387,

Runner Up: Partners Escrow


Gardening Shop and Nursery

Winner: OF Wolfinbarger, 5675 Francis Ave, Chino, 627-7481,

Runner Up: Home Depot


Pest Control

Winner: Tony De Vries, Devries Pest Control 1511 W Eucalyptus Ct., Ontario, 391-4172

Runner Up: Stiles Dead Stock



Winner: A & A Plumbing & Rooter Services, 2032 S Plum Ave., Ontario, 984-5343,

Runner Up: Chino Valley Plumbing


Pool construction

Winner: Splash Pools & Construction, 14175 Telephone Ave., Suite R, Chino, 614-1333,


Pool Support

Winner: Malin’s Pool & Patio Supplies, Inc. 3708 Riverside Dr, Chino, 628-0038,



Winner: Core Real Estate Services 5370 Schaefer Ave., Suite K, Chino, 749-8366,

Runner Up: Ty Wallace




Assisted Living

Winner:Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough 11918 Central Ave, Chino, 632-7032,

Runner Up: Inland Christian Home


Senior Living Community

Winner: Inland Christian Home, Inc., 1950 S Mountain Ave., Ontario, 983-0084,

Runner up: Pacifica Senior Living Hillsborough


Auto Dealers (New)

Winner: Chino Hills Ford, 4480 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino, 203-5700,

Runner up: MK Smith


Auto Dealers (Used)

Winner: MK Smith Chevrolet, 12845 Central Ave,, Chino, 628-8961,

Runner Up: Chino Hills Ford


Auto Insurance

Winner: AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California - Chino, 5402 Philadelphia, Suite A, Chino, 591-9451,

Runners Up: Apollo Insurance and Mark Warner


Auto Repair

Winner: Dale Bright’s Auto Services, 5180 G St, Chino, 628-0600,

Runner Up: Gabriel’s Automotive


Body Shop services

Winner: Dale Bright’s Auto Services, 5180 G St, Chino, 628-0600,

Runner Up: Cherry Auto Body


Tire Store

Winner: America’s Tire Store - Chino, 11925 Central Ave, Chino, 591-4501,

Runner Up: Costco



Place of Worship:

Winner: St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, 14085 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, 465-5503,

Runners Up: Inland Hills Church and Calvary Chapel



Credit Union

Winner: Arrowhead Credit Union, 12099 Central Ave, Chino, 800-743-7228,

Runner Up: Schools First



Winner: Chino Commercial Bank, 14245 Pipeline Ave., Chino, 393-8880,

Runner Up: Bank of America




Air Conditioning and Heating

Winner: Metz Air Control, 14732 Central Ave,, Chino, 393-0383,

Runner Up: Steve’s Air and Heating




Winners: All Year Tax and B& T Tax



Winner: Pamela Edwards-Swift & Associates 5827 Pine Ave., Chino Hills, 606-0101,

Runners Up: Forrest Wolfe, Esq – Ontario, Brown & Lipinsky LLP, Andy Nguyen, Larry H. Parker, Michael T. Martin Law office, Steven R. Peters Inc.

Cell Service

Winner: Verizon, various locations, 800-256-4646,

Runner Up: AT&T

Day Care:

Winner: Montessori, Chino

Runner Up: Chino Family Daycare


Dry Cleaner

Winner: Sam Environmental, 3626 Grand Ave, Suite E, Chino Hills, 628-1004



Winners (TIE): Action Electric, 13221 Rancho Bernard Ct., Chino, 627-9508

and Delmar Lee Electric, 12163 Humboldt Place, Chino, 590-0231

Runners Up: Anderson Electric, Diamond, LM Electric, LA Electric, Mike Shoop, Safe Way and Solar, Tim Saltar, Trout E.



Winner: Ayres Hotel,  4785 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, 631-2922,

Runners Up: Chino Motel, Hampton Inn and Suites, Pine Tree Motel


Instant Printer

Winner: Staples, various locations, 800-333-3330,

Runner Up: FedE


Postal Places

Winner: USPS, various locations, 800-275-8777,

Runner Up: Postal Centers+


Self Storage

Winner: Chino Hills Self Storage, 15315 Red Barn Ct,, Chino Hills, 342-6384,

Runner Up: Ramona Mini Storage


Tax Preparation

Winner: Accredited Taxes, 5690 Schaefer Ave., Chino, 627-7007,

Runners Up: Liberty Tax, H&R Block, Stone & Gomez


Travel Agency

Winner: AAA - Automobile Club of Southern California  5402 Philadelphia, Suite A, Chino, 591-9451,

Runner Up: Destined to Travel

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