Succulents can be just what indoor or outdoor gardens need. 

By learning more about succulents, people may become devotees of these unique plants.  

Succulents are able to store water in fleshy stems or leaves, so they do not require frequent watering like other plants might. 

Succulents also may prove more durable in the face of drought and are a handy plant for forgetful gardeners or those who travel often.

Most succulents prefer warm temperatures and are not very cold-tolerant. However, there are some varieties that can survive freezing temperatures.  

Succulents grow best in bright light, but not always in full, hot sun. 

Succulents also may attract gardeners thanks to their diverse looks. 

Color variations of succulents are quite varied and include green, yellow, burgundy, white, blue-green, pink, red, and variegated combinations. 

Their shapes can be just as diverse, with many having pointy, rounded, spiky, or ruffled leaves. 

Popular varieties of succulents include aloe, jade, snake plant, agave, Hens and chicks and wax plant.  

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