New York Pizzeria

New York Pizzeria proudly displays their sports teams affiliations on the wall of their restaurant. They are a favorite of the Chino football community and they are proudly sponsoring Chino Pop Warner, Chino High Football, Don Lugo High Football  and showcasing the NFL Sunday Ticket every week on a 159 inch high definition projector screen. Visit New York Pizzeria to watch your favorite pro or college football team or enjoy a post game celebration.

For the second year in a row, New York Pizzeria (NYP) has been awarded the Champion Readers’ Choice Award for the best pizza around. Above all else, the main reason NYP has won is the quality of their pizza. The equation for such quality is simple: the freshest ingredients prepared everyday by skilled, passionate people in the kitchen.

However, NYP is not the recipient of the Readers’ Choice award only for its excellent pizza. It is also a staple of the Chino restaurant community and a consistent favorite of old and new customers alike. For example, many customers have been coming in and enjoying NYP’s pizza since the opening of the restaurant 32 years ago. Many customers swear by NYP as having the best pizza they’ve ever had, and it’s common for the staff to hear such praise everyday.

And on top of all of the great accomplishments in customer satisfaction and pizza quality, NYP has clearly become the favorite of the bustling Chino football community. Proudly sponsoring Chino Pop Warner, Chino High Football, Don Lugo Football  and showing the NFL Sunday Ticket every week on a 159 inch HD projector screen, NYP is the best place in town to watch your favorite football team or enjoy a post game celebration. NYP has been home to countless moments of football appreciation and the owners and staff look forward to continuing that legacy. 

So whether you’re a fan of great, fresh, handmade pizza, family owned business tradition, football, or all three, NYP is the favorite choice for Champion readers in Chino.

 Stop by for a slice at 12431 Central Ave. in Chino. Order your pizza to go by calling (909) 627-8883.

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