The original kitchen on the historic Boys Republic campus in Chino Hills has been transformed to The Max Scott Center for the Culinary Arts.

The center boasts a newly expanded student bakery, production kitchen, culinary arts classroom and bistro dining area.    

For the last several years, a successful commercial bakery operation has been run from Boys Republic, which supplies Vons and some local casinos and restaurants.

The new high-end commercial kitchens will provide more career training opportunities for students living at the residential school for troubled youth. 

Phase two construction includes remodeling the existing cafeteria. 

Official Jerry Marcotte said phase two is a much smaller project and it will be finished by late summer.

Cost-to-date of The Max Scott Center for the Culinary Arts is about $5.3 million. Mr. Marcotte said about $5.7 million was raised for the project through private donations. 

A cooking island in the new culinary arts classroom was funded by the California Home Economics Education Foundation.

As with the former kitchen, other original buildings on the campus need restoration, Mr. Marcotte said. 

After the culinary center, the next project will be to refurbish the student government room.           

Architecture for Education, Inc., a firm that specializes in schools, is the architect designer for both projects.  

The designer has retained the history and aesthetics of the campus through elements such as using natural clay tile from Mexico along an entire exterior wall of the culinary arts building. 

Intricate original wrought iron fixtures in the government building and other original elements will be restored and not replaced, Mr. Marcotte said.  

The upcoming projects will also be funded through private donations, he said.   

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