What to give new homeowners this holiday season

The following are some home-related gift ideas to get shoppers started.

The real estate market has been a wild ride in recent years.

Sellers have cashed in on record-breaking profits, and buyers have had to compete against many others — sometimes in bidding wars — for a limited number of properties.

Once listed, homes are selling fast.

As interest rates rise and inventory increases, things are likely to change, though for some it did not come soon enough.

Individuals who were lucky enough to find a new home this year may discover they now have little money to outfit those homes.

Shoppers with new homeowners on their holiday shopping lists may want to help those loved ones outfit their homes this season.

The following are some home-related gift ideas to get shoppers started.

•Video/smart doorbell:

Although the smart doorbell market began with only a handful of options, there’s now a bevy of manufacturers who make video and smart home doorbells.

These doorbells serve the dual purpose of alerting homeowners to someone at the door, while providing surveillance of the comings and goings outside of the home.

Depending on the product, a subscription may be needed to access video history. Doorbells range from $50 to $200 and more depending on features and resolution.

•Furniture gift card:

There’s a good chance new homeowners will need to furnish new rooms in a home, particularly if they’re coming from an apartment or a smaller place.

Many people also like to update furnishings when they move into new places.

A gift card to a popular furniture store in the area will provide the head-start new homeowners need to secure sofas, dining sets, lamps, rugs, and more.

•Household tool kit:

What better way to prepare new homeowners for the do-it-yourself projects and household repairs than with a tool kit?

Home improvement retailers often package common tools needed in carrying cases or sets, but shoppers can grab separate items they think will be used and group them together into one gift. Pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a level, and measuring tape are good starter tools.

•Customized doormat:

Give that new home additional curb appeal with a doormat customized with a special message or the new homeowners’ names, such as Welcome to the Smith Home.

Other customizeable products include cutting boards and wall plaques.

•Programmable thermostat:

A programmable or learning thermostat will help new homeowners save on their energy bills.  Many thermostats now pair with smart home systems and phones and automatically adjust the temperature as needed to reduce energy consumption.

•Linens: A high thread count sheet set or plush Turkish cotton towels may not be something new homeowners think to get for themselves. But these luxurious gifts can make life at home more comfortable. Moving into a new home is an exciting yet expensive endeavor.

Carefully curated gifts can tap into what new homeowners need the most.  

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