No cross country runner the past four years in the Mt. Baldy League has been more dominant than Chino High’s Mia Chavez. 

The senior headed to the University of Arizona in the fall won her third individual league championship last Saturday with a time of 17:41.2, leading from start to finish on the 3.1-mile course at Colony High in Ontario. 

Chavez won the league title as a freshman in 2018, as a sophomore in 2019, but the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to league meets in 2020. 

In the team standings, Ontario won the league title with 37 points, Chaffey took second at 61 points and Chino placed third with 65 points to earn automatic qualifying spots into the CIF-Southern Section Preliminaries, which are scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12 (Divisions 2, 4, 5) and Saturday, Nov. 13 (Divisions 1, 3) at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut. 

The CIF-Southern Section Finals will take place on the same course on Saturday, Nov. 20 with the CIF State Meet Saturday, Nov. 27 at Woodward Park in Clovis. 

In the boys’ race, Don Lugo High’s Jordan Berkley won the individual title and Robbie Valdez placed second to lead the Conquistadores to the Mt. Baldy League team title. 

Berkley finished in 16:01.2 with Valdez at 16:06.4. 

Chaffey took second and Chino placed third in the team standings. 

Mt. Baldy League 


Ontario 37, Chaffey 61, Chino 65, Don Lugo 70, Montclair 131 Baldwin Park 145 

Top five finishers: Mia Chavez, Chino, 17:41.2; Elena Martinez, Chaffey, 17:56.3; Anqelique Martinez, Ontario, 18:03.9; Roselyn Reza, Chaffey, 18:09.4; Aariana Amezcua, Don Lugo, 18:14.6. 

Other Chino High runners: Alexis Wachowski, 10th, 19:26.3; Isabella Kebenei, 12th, 20:08.8; Elena Rossen, 20th, 20:53.7; Breanna Barragan-Ochoa, 22nd, 21:01.0; Mikani Telles, 23rd, 21:02.6; Alyssa Trejo, 28th, 21:50.6. 

Other Don Lugo runners: Nicole Boskovich, seventh, 18:53.7; Baylin Polite, 15th, 20:20.5; Naya Garcia, 18th, 20:36.8; Alivia Martinez, 25th, 21:27.1; Angie Ramirez, 31st, 23:18.6; Catherine Escalera, 33rd, 23:41.1. 


Don Lugo 35, Chaffey 42, Chino 63, Baldwin Park 111, Ontario 119, Montclair 120 

Top five finishers: Jordan Berkley, Don Lugo, 16:01.2; Robbie Valdez, Don Lugo, 16:06.4; Rodrigo Aguilera, Chino, 16:13.8; Leonel Obregon, Chaffey, 16:21.4; Daniel Beck, Ontario, 16:21.7. 

Other Chino High runners: Joveth Carrasco, sixth, 16:23.1; Ryan Chang, 17th, 17;02.9; Adam Perez, 18th, 17:11.9; Dominic Gonzales, 19th, 17:39.0; Jordan Diaz, 36th, 18:54.8. 

Other Don Lugo runners: Haden Garcia, eighth, 16:30.4; Edward Lopez, 11th, 16:43.6; Gustavo Gonzalez, 13th, 16:45.4; Cade Silva, 28th, 18:23.9; Adam Espinoza, 33rd, 18:52.5. 

Palomares League Finals 

Results from last Saturday’s meet at Claremont High School 


Claremont 21, Ayala 52, Glendora 75, Alta Loma 105, Bonita 118, Colony 134

Top 5 finishers: Jie Yi Denise Chen, Claremont, 17:35.25; Maddie Coles, Claremont, 17:45.45; Maia Fernando, Glendora, 18:10.49; Emily Schott, Ayala, 18:21.32; Alexa Gossett, Claremont, 18:50.95. 

Other Ayala runners: Roxanne Ehrig, 10th, 19:15.76; Jessica Cantu, 11th, 19:16.40; Klairssa Mente, 12th, 19:32.81; Kaitlyn Cerwinski, 15th, 19:59.55; Madison Bravo, 16th, 20:18.02. 


Claremont 33, Ayala 38, Glendora 58, Alta Loma 115, Bonita 132, Colony 180 

Top five runners: John Sesteaga, Glendora, 15:03.29; Mason Ma, Ayala, 15:13.58; Chris Coles, Claremont, 15:18.29; Jude Robledo, Claremont, 15:37.56; Nathan Tsai, Ayala, 15:41.80. 

Other Ayala High runners: Mateo Cole, sixth, 15:43.13; Malachi Morris, 12th, 16:02.19; Joshua Aguayo, 13th, 16:05.26; Christopher Sydno, 16th, 16:22.00. 

Baseline League Finals 

Results from Tuesday’s meet at Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga:


Chino Hills 33, Etiwanda 52, Rancho Cucamonga 62, St. Lucy’s 90, Los Osos 129, Upland 157 

Top five runners: Karis Brown, Chino Hills, 18:27.5; Jenna Gallegos, Chino Hills, 18:29.9; Jasmine Munoz, Etiwanda, 19:04.9; Nicole Alfred, Rancho Cucamonga, 19:09.6; Alayna McGarry, Chino Hills, 19:11.3.  

Other Chino Hills runners: Hannah Smith, 12th, 19:44.9; Emma Gutierrez, 13th, 19:49.5; Riley Rivera, 14th, 20:04.0; Megan Chiotti, 20th, 20:14.1.


Rancho Cucamonga 39, Chino Hills 62, Etiwanda 75, Upland 93, Damien 122, Los Osos 131

Top five runners: Glenn Bell, Rancho Cucamonga, 15:25.8; Aidan Gomez, Chino Hills, 15:43.0; Jacob Orta, Rancho Cucamonga, 15:44.8; Kailil O’Brien, Etiwanda, 15:48.0; Eric Martinez, Damien, 15:55.2. 

Other Chino Hills runners: Jack Pusztai, seventh, 16:09.6; Dakota Jones, 11th, 16:36.5; Rylan Dinneweth, 16th, 16:50.9; Seth Romero, 26th, 17:56.2; Luke Zimmerman, 31st, 18:10.0; Maxmilian Stone, 34th, 18:17.5. 

Ambassador League Finals 

Results from Tuesday’s meet at Citrus Heritage Park in Riverside 


Linfield Christian 18, Aquinas 64, Ontario Christian 71, Loma Linda Academy 71, Woodcrest Christian 140 

Top five runners: Ryley Burns, Linfield Christian, 18:42.2; Emma Lakatos, Linfield Christian, 19:09.0; Scarlett Welsome, Linfield Christian, 19:21.9; Elizabeth Baldwin, Loma Linda Academy, 19:27.3; Caylyn Russell, Linfield Christian, 19:55.0.

Ontario Christian runners: Natalie Delgado, 10th, 21:18.5; Leann Frailing, 11th, 21:22.1; Faith Gaudy, 15th, 21:51.3; Sierra De Los Rios, 16th, 21:58.4; Sarah Squyres, 24th, 23:54.0; Marian Mendoza, 26th, 24:16.0. 


Woodcrest Christian 48, Linfield Christian 73, Ontario Christian 84, Aquinas 87, Western Christian 101, Arrowhead Christian Academy 116, Loma Linda Academy 181 

Top five runners: Evan Turk, Woodcrest Christian, 15:54.4; Kai Newman, Linfield Christian, 16:29.4; Nathan Luce, Woodcrest Christian, 16:54.5; Simon Gutierrez, Linfield Christian, 16:57.3; Elijah McBroom, Arrowhead Christian, 16:59.5.  

Ontario Christian runners: Mario Balderas, 14th, 18:14.0; Logan Peters, 15th, 18:19.6; Jaydyn Gallegos, 17th, 18:36.0; Aiden Thigpen, 18th, 18:38.5; Ethan Esproles, 20th, 18:47.7; Mitchell Windsor, 30th, 19:16.5; Micah Rohrer, 32nd, 19:36.6. 

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