All-Mt. Baldy League honorees were announced in boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer and girls water polo for the 2019-20 season.

Boys basketball

Most Valuable Player: Gabriel Gonzales, Montclair.

First team: Chino’s Syruss Galindo; Don Lugo’s Andrew DeLeon and Reece Brown; Diamond Bar’s Blake Davis, Malcolm Bell and Mark Wu; Montclair’s Sebastian Rincon, Jeremiah Frierson and Nevek Rincon; Chaffey’s Johnathan Manzo.

Second team: Chino’s Josh Williams and Elijah Fitch; Don Lugo’s Trevion Jacobs and Tosh Kuhn; Chaffey’s Alex Sofia and Randy Miranda; Diamond Bar’s Myles Che, Alex Kim and Dillon Stout; Montclair’s Joshua Ortega and Rov Loren Aniceto.

Honorable mention: Chino’s Andrew Arciniega and Eric DeLaTorre; Don Lugo’s Caleb Munro and Luke Janosky; Chaffey’s Yoher Calderon and Jessie Lopez; Diamond Bar’s Ace Greene; Montclair’s Gabriel Farias.

Girls basketball

Co-Most Valuable Players: Kylie Bergiadis, Chino; Reanne Reola, Don Lugo.

First team: Chino’s Valeia Payne and Wendy Hernandez; Don Lugo’s Jaliah Lee and Krystle Medrano; Chaffey’s Sahira Lopez; Diamond Bar’s Gizell Lien and Kailey Taing; Montclair’s Makayla Sanchez and Vanessa Rangel. 

Second team: Chino’s Emma Siefert, Kimberly Day and Hanah Hinojoza; Don Lugo’s Yasmine Lara, Fiona Baracael and Makayla DeRego; Chaffey’s Natalia Hernandez; Diamond Bar’s Karen Shao, Amanda Vasquez and Sierra Griego; Montclair’s Viriahelyn Calvillo.

Honorable mention: Chino’s Malani Johnson’s Chaffey’s Jasmine Jacinto; Diamond Bar’s Juliana Callasan and Avril Ho; Montclair’s Karen Herrera.

Boys soccer

Most Valuable Player, offense: Mauro Flores, Montclair.

Most Valuable Player, defense: Javier Gutierrez, Montclair.

First team: Chino’s Andrew Diaz, Adrian-Antonio Lopez, Anthony Reyes-Greendale and Hiram Romero; Don Lugo’s Raul Jimenez; Chaffey’s Rafael Uriarte and Juan Hernandez; Diamond Bar’s Ethan Lu and Aaron McElrea; Montclair’s Mauricio Ramon, Alejandro Araneda, Michael Sanchez, Adrian Anguiano and Ricardo Jimenez; Ontario’s Anthony Mercado. 

Second team: Chino;s Martin Arellano, Andrew Garcia, Diego Camarena and Alejandro Covarrubias; Don Lugo’s Bryan Rosales and Samuel Romero; Chaffey’s David Orozco and Alexis Sanchez; Diamond Bar’s Jayden Sanchez, Nick Malooly and Justin Bortis; Montclair’s Mario Gomez, Sergio Ruiz-Juarez, Ronaldo Ibarra, Jovanny Ramirez and Andrew Garcia; Ontario’s Brandon Guevara and Alex DeLaMora.

Honorable mention: Chino’s Pedro Estrada, Nathan Barton, Francisco Tovar, Jacob Cerda and Oscar Ramirez; Don Lugo’s Jacob Smith and Manuel Lara; Chaffey’s Alfredo Lopez; Diamond Bar’s Thomas Avila and Jesse Ramirez; Montclair’s Elias Cardenas, Julio Aquino and Derek Garibay; Ontario’s Jessie Gonzalez, Jorge Ibarra, Bryan Reyes and Steven Alvarez.

Girls soccer

Most Valuable Player, offense: Marissa Vasquez, Diamond Bar.

Most Valuable Player, defense: Julianna Krantz, Diamond Bar.

First team: Chino’s Mia Chavez; Don Lugo’s Michelle Vasquez; Chaffey’s Jackie Orozco and Christina Martinez; Diamond Bar’s Madison Bernardino, Alexis Fuller, Isabella Hurtado, Samantha Marcello and Isabella Montelongo-Lisak; Montclair’s Aileen Sanchez, Cianne Mendoza, Deanna Rojas and Eyra Fabela; Ontario’s Kendra Vasquez and Alexa Reynoso.

Second team: Chino’s Amina Nava; Don Lugo’s Ariana Serrano and Briana Serrano; Chaffey’s Iyanna Brooks, Emily Ramirez and Precious Martinez; Diamond Bar’s Tera Evans, Emily Le and Shantell Luna; Montclair’s Vanessa Madrid, Valeria Guzman and Ivonne Tlatenchi; Ontario’s Nailea Ibanez, Janet Aldape and Ruth Zamora.

Honorable mention: Don Lugo’s Ruby Landeros and Leah Montelongo; Diamond Bar’s Lillie Herrera; Montclair’s Diana Sanchez, Karla Hernandez and Shaheidi Jimenez; Ontario’s Maraena Munoz.

Girls water polo

Co-Most Valuable Players: Katelyn Arauz and Julianna Longoria, Diamond Bar.

First team: Don Lugo’s Sierra Beltran and Marilyn Villalpando; Chaffey’s True Lopez, Andrea Gutierrez and Hailey Sloan; Diamond Bar’s Victoria Madrigal, Kaylee Robles and Ariana Moran; Montclair’s Victorie Hughes and Isabella Rivas.

Second team: Chino’s Katrina Hitchcock and Alyssa Huerta; Don Lugo’s Elizabeth Ortiz, Cori Burdett, Lauren Duarte, Katrian Govea, Victoria Arreola and Jessica Martinez; Chaffey’s Karen Conda, Annabel Solis and Itzel Gonzales; Diamond Bar’s Victoria Condon, Raquel Figueroa and Marisa Ruiz; Montclair’s Jaritza Jimenez and Kathy James; Ontario’s Saraih Meza, Mia Carlos and Ruby Rosales and Alissa Rosales. 

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