2019 Chino Challenge Demolition Derby

Derby drivers compete in the first of three heats during the 2019 Chino Challenge Demolition Derby, which was won by Don Lugo High graduate Regeena Bethley. Mrs. Bethley is among 36 drivers set to compete Saturday, July 17 in the 30th annual derby at the Chino Fairgrounds, which is located on the northeast corner of Edison and Central avenues. Information: wgasmotorsports.com

Three dozen drivers will compete in the main event and 14 drivers will compete in the women’s mini-class event at the 30th annual Chino Challenge Demolition Derby, scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday, July 17 at the Chino Fairgrounds.

Tickets for the event on sale at M.K. Smith Chevrolet, 12845 Central Ave., at the northeast corner of Riverside Drive.

The derby was cancelled last year because of the coronavirus.

Defending derby champion Regeena Bethley, a Don Lugo High graduate, is among the 36 drivers in the main event. Mrs. Bethley’s car number is 716,

Other drivers are their car numbers are: Theodore Rispens (13), Kevin Denzoin (69), Bryon Northcutt (5150), Brandon Partida (109), Scott Hensley (198), Joshua Tagliaboschi (1), Steve McWilliams (95), Brady Baker (88), Daniel James (410), Brian Hortin (42), John Jacques (325), Jason Sauer (MWFA), Andy Wind (11), Stan McDonald (707), Karsten Richardson (45), Matt Struiksma (58), Brad Foyil (00), Jason Yamammoto (50), Marty Kingma (357), Andrew Tagliaboshi (T23), Chris Denzoin (201), Brian Silveira (59), 

Steve Cook (99), John Rispens (3), Gage Flack (75), Ryan Doty (20), Al Rocha (8), Frank Ochoa (55), Matthew Burns (73), Charles Mitchell (77), Shane Bingham (85), Tony DeLara (8), Greg DeLara (26), and Derek Partida (43).

Women’s mini-class drivers are Cheryl Hyland (176), Andi Evans (407), Tiffany Ortega (65), Holly Yardley (319), Maida Barrios (127), Ashley Smith (87), Melanie Morales (27), Bekkah Doyle (13), Berlyn Hardy (5150), Carissa Marker (9), 

Keilani Mussetter (666), Jennifer Groeschi (12), Cori Hortin (42) and Denise Childers (617).

Information: wgasmotorsports.com

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