Player of the Year, Offense: Francisco Mauigoa, Aquinas.

Player of the Year, Defense: Sione Lolohea, Aquinas.

Sportsmanship Award: Desert Christian.

Coach of the Year: Matt Hoekstra, Ontario Christian.

First team, offense: Ontario Christian’s Ricky Fredmond, Nate Lozano and Tyler Ford; Aquinas’ Francisco Mauigoa, Francis Mauigoa, Junior Taase, Malosi Siania and Terence Fall; Linfield Christian’s Crispin Wong, Justin Manqueros and Caden Taylor; Arrowhead Christian’s Josh Ortiz. 

First team, defense: Ontario Christian’s Ricky Fredmond, Connor Mooneyham and Alvis Nuno; Aquinas’ Francis Mauigoa, Sione Lolohea, Tapena Tuitupoa, Romeo Ross and Anthony Cooper; Linfield Christian’s Justin Manqueros, Crispin Wong and Michael Harkins; Arrowhead Christian’s Josh Ortiz. 

Second team, offense: Ontario Christian’s Daniel Serna, Max Watkins and Trent Engelbrecht; Arrowhead Christian’s Jeremiah Martin and Luke Myers; Aquinas’ Terayon Sweet; Linfield Christian’s Jason Locke, Terrance Caldwell, Coby Nile, Jalani Jefferson, K.J. Crawford and Brye Lighon.  

Second team, defense: Ontario Christian’s Nate Lozano, Cody Laidlaw and Dylan Williams; Linfield Christian’s Marshall Weise, Coby Nile, Brye Lighon and Jalani Jefferson; Arrowhead Christian’s Josh Jizmejian and Mason Lambooy; Aquinas’ Jalen Cooper and Brent Austin.

Girls tennis

Singles Player of the Year: Kat Mathews, Linfield Christian.

Doubles Players of the Year: Ava Bignel and Samantha McKinnon, Aquinas.

Singles Finals Champion: Kat Mathews, Linfield Christian.

Doubles Finals Champion: Mayanie Kakish and Marisa Norheim, Western Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Western Christian.

Coach of the Year: Dave Beck, Western Christian.

First team, singles: Linfield Christian’s Kat Mathews; Aquinas’s Lexi Rojas and Abby Mistica; Woodcrest Christian’s Kaden Richards.

First team, doubles: Western Christian’s Kristina Duarte, Julia Marano, Mayanie Kakish and Angela Watkins; Aquinas’ Ava Bignel, Samantha McKinnon, Helen Tran and Natalie Maciel.

Cross country

Runner of the Year, Boys: Aidan Vorster, Ontario Christian.

Runner of the Year, Girls: Ryley Burns, Linfield Christian.

Coaches of the Year: Eric Reynolds, Woodcrest Christian (boys); James Adams, Linfield Christian (girls).

Sportsmanship Award, Boys: Woodcrest Christian.

Sportsmanship Award, Girls: Woodcrest Christian.

First team, boys: Ontario Christian’s Aidan Vorster and John-Mark Mendoza; Woodcrest Christian’s James Chebahtah, Steven Martinez, Shawn Boehmer and Nicholas Martin; Linfield Christian’s Nick Beucler, Scudder Sinclair, Case Cope and Ben Franks; Western Christian’s Justice Eriksen; Aquinas’ Alejandro Ayala.

First team, girls: Linfield Christian’s Ryley Burns, Emma Lakatos, Hannah Barbieri, Deidre Gorian, Jaida Norman, Luca Burns, Sienna Blanche and Lauren Jeremiah; Loma Linda Academy’s Elizabeth Baldwin; Woodcrest Christian’s Jenna Elton, Skylar Chadwick and Grace Newman. 

Girls volleyball

Player of the Year: Devin Sivertson, Linfield Christian. 

Coach of the Year: Eric Hawes, Linfield Christian.

Sportsmanship Award: Desert Christian.

First team: Ontario Christian’s Selena Balderas, Jenna Holmes, Peyton Tazelaar and Giselle Vogel; Linfield Christian’s Sarah Newman, Devin Sivertson and Paige Williams; Aquinas’ Abigail Aquilera-Ayala and Sara Duran; Desert Christian’s Kaia Johnson and Tessa Smith; Western Christian’s Marisa Richardson; Loma Linda Academy’s Chelsea Del Real; Arrowhead Christian’s Taylor Distelberg.

Second team: Ontario Christian’s Riley DeGroot and Kiley Goedhart; Linfield Christian’s Samantha Hohulin and Caylan Medley; Aquinas’ Janel Pido; Desert Christian’s Kate Smith; Western Christian’s Gabby Uttz; Loma Linda Academy’s Summer Hodgkin; Woodcrest Christian’s Jaylee Dixon.

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