Don Lugo High graduate and former Major League Baseball pitcher Chad Cordero is joining the coaching staff for the Don Lugo varsity baseball team, head coach Eric Highstreet said today. The high school baseball season begins in February.

Cordero graduated from Don Lugo in 2000, played at Cal State Fullerton and was drafted 20th overall in 2003 by the Montreal Expos-Washington Nationals franchise. 

He last played in the majors in 2010 with the Seattle Mariners. 

Cordero was named to the National League All-Star team in 2005, the same season he led the major leagues with 47 saves.

Don Lugo will enter the 2019 season with seven straight Mt. Baldy League championships.

The first four came with head coach Joe Marcos, who retired in 2015, and the last three with coach Jeff Abel. Coach Abel was fired as head coach at the end of last season and replaced by Eric Highstreet in June.

Game scheduled for Angel Stadium

Don Lugo High School baseball will play one of its regular season games during the 2019 season at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Coach Highstreet said.  Time, date and opponent for the game has not yet been decided but it will likely take place no later than April 26. Coach Highstreet said he believes the opponent will be Canyon High School of Anaheim or Santa Margarita High School of Rancho Santa Margarita. 

Don Lugo was selected by the Angels from a pool of high school baseball teams selling vouchers for Los Angeles of Anaheim games. 

The teams must sell a minimum number of vouchers to remain eligible to play a game at Angel Stadium, Coach Highstreet said. 

“Teams have to sell the minimum amount every year to remain on the schedule to play there,” Coach Highstreet said. “If we keep hitting our minimum, there’s a greater chance to play a game there every year, or at least every other year.” Don Lugo High baseball buys the vouchers for $20 from the Angels but can sell them to the public for $25. 

The vouchers can be redeemed for any Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game during the months of May, June or July. 

Don Lugo will begin selling the vouchers in December. 

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