Don Lugo High’s Morgan Graves

Don Lugo High’s Morgan Graves, a freshman, was named Mt. Baldy League girls’ volleyball Most Valuable Player for the 2021 season, leading the Conquistadores to the league championship with a 10-0 record. 


Sierra League

(Chino High athletes only)

Lineman of the Year: Roman Damas. 

First team, offense: Roman Damas, Abel Luna, Dennis Rocha, Favian Vasquez, Daniel Nakashima, Ramon Torres.

Second team, offense: Beau Parker.

First team, defense: Daniel Nakashima, Dylan Leach, Oscar Trujillo, Roman Damas, Pablo Estrada.

Second team, defense: Gilbert Galindo.

San Antonio League

(Don Lugo High athletes only)

First team, offense: Aaron Gutierrez, Luke Kemble, Kevin Garzanelli.

Second team, offense: Anthony Randazzo.

Second team, defense: Ayden Machado, Michael Leib, Hunter de los Reyes.

Boys cross country

Mt. Baldy League

Most Valuable Player: Jordan Berkley, Don Lugo. 

First team: Chino’s Rodrigo Aguilera and Joveth Carrasco; Don Lugo’s Jordan Berkley, Robbie Valdez and Haden Garcia; Ontario’s Daniel Beck; Chaffey’s Leonel Obregon, Jacob Diaz, John Payne and Nikolas Miramontes; Montclair’s Jerry Flores. 

Second team: Chino’s Ryan Chang, Adam Perez and Dominic Gonzales; Don Lugo’s Edward Lopez and Gustavo Gonzalez; Chaffey’s Daniel Reza; Baldwin Park’s Eduardo Frausto, William Rodriguez and Jose Bustamonte.

Girls cross country

Mt. Baldy League

Most Valuable Player: Mia Chavez, Chino. 

First team: Chino’s Mia Chavez and Alexis Wachowski; Don Lugo’s Aariana Amezcua and Nicole Boskovich; Ontario’s Angelique Martinez, Alondra Arias, Anella Pena and Natalie Lopez; Chaffey’s Elena Martinez and Roselyn Reza. 

Second team: Chino’s Isabella Kebenei and Elena Rossen; Don Lugo’s Baylin Polite and Naya Garcia; Ontario’s Jade Calderon and Gloria Lepe; Chaffey’s Arely Gomez and Kaylen Martinez; Montclair’s Lizbeth Garcia; Baldwin Park’s Isabella Salinas.

Girls volleyball

Mt. Baldy League

Most Valuable Player: Morgan Graves, Don Lugo.

First team: Don Lugo’s Capri Salmon, Nicole Boskovich and Elizabeth Ortiz; Chino’s Dyana Ulloa, Danielle Erlandson and Malani Johnson; Montclair’s Hiepsy Barrientos and Dayna Amphone; Ontario’s Elizabeth Navarro. 

Second team: Don Lugo’s Emily Baucher, Cheyenne Hernandez and Alejandra Arroyo; Chino’s Madisen Remis and Lyndsey Valverde; Montclair’s Paulina Rodriguez, Dalila Mata and Valerie Flores; Ontario’s Sandy Rodriguez and Alyssa Jimenez. 

Honorable mention: Don Lugo’s Kadie Fordyce, Sierra Beltran, Sophia Vasquez and Mireya Ortiz; Chino’s Tristen Amers; Chaffey’s Angelica Skaggs and Lauren Wesley; Montclair’s Samantha Guerra; Baldwin Park’s Sarah Yith, Michaella Ibarra and Areley Parra; Ontario’s Sofia Femath.

Boys water polo

Mt. Baldy League

Co-Most Valuable Players: Paul McNaughton, Don Lugo; Max Cantos, Don Lugo.

First team: Don Lugo’s Joshua Rizo, Ethan Brown, Justin Lopez and Austin Cantos; Chino’s Brady Quinzon and Vincent Garibay; Ontario’s Julian Tuttobene, Ashton Brady-Loftin and John Royal; Montclair’s Matthew Ramirez.

Second team: Don Lugo’s Mikey Brown, Noah Plunkett, Arthur Gonzales, Felix Cornejo, Rayl Barajas, Travis Baucher and Garrett Briggs; Ontario’s Kyle Gileot and Andrew Leyva; Montclair’s Quentin Holden and Levi Wyles; Baldwin Park’s Henry De Luna and Cristian Duran; Chaffey’s Gerardo Partida.

Honorable mention: Don Lugo’s Victor Santos, Anden Beers and Isaiah McMullin; Ontario’s Luis Chavez, Victor Chavez, Daniel Setiawan and Jimmy Rey Gonzalez; Chaffey’s Ian Partida and Adrian Lopez.

Girls tennis

Mt. Baldy League

Most Valuable Player, singles: Falyse Sheets, Chino.

Most Valuable Players, doubles: Jessica Tran and Karen Xu, Montclair.

First team, singles: Ontario’s Hayley Medina and Hillary Nguyen; Chaffey’s Angie Vasquez.

Second team, singles: Chino’s Ashley Medel-Mejia and Brooklynn Bradley; Chaffey’s Angie Vasquez.

Honorable mention, singles: Baldwin Park’s Silence Khepri Jackson.

First team, doubles: Chino’s Erica Valenzuela and Rilynn Green; Chino’s Elaine Reyes and Kassandra Jimenez; Chaffey’s Alissa Tagle and Esme Orozco.

Second team, doubles: Chino’s Marissa Gozun and Cura Barragan-Ochoa; Chaffey’s Brigette Percastegui and Marissa Aguilar; Chaffey’s Mia Gabriel and Sophia Sanchez.

Honorable mention, doubles: Montclair’s Helen Huynh and Lena Tran.

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