Andrew Martinez

Ayala High’s Andrew Martinez crosses the finish line to place first in the boys’ large schools race at the Great Cow Run cross country meet at Knabe Park in Cerrtios. 

Ayala High School senior Andrew Martinez placed first in the large school’s boys race and the Ayala varsity girls and boys freshman teams took first place in the team standings last Saturday at the Great Cow Run cross country meet at Knabe Park in Cerritos.

Martinez ran the three-mile course in 14:47.3 to beat out second-place runner Jacob Hsu of Arcadia, who finished in 14:59.0. Ayala’s Jacob Villegas took third in the race with a time of 15:00.8.

Erin Facenda and Cadence Chang led the Bulldogs’ girls varsity team to first-place large school varsity girls division race, placing fifth and eighth overall.

All five scoring runners for Ayala placed in the top 24.

In the boys large school freshman division race, Ayala’s Sebastian Contreras placed first in 16:31.9 to lead the Bulldogs’ to a first-place finish in the team standings.

Ayala High results 

Boys varsity

Team standings: 3rd.

Individual results: Andrew Martinez (first, 14:47.3); Jacob Villegas (third, 15:00.8); Yael Grimaldi (21st, 15:34.1); Ryley Welch (26th, 15:49.3); Ko Akabon (32th, 15:57.4); Austin Lemus (35th, 16:04.5); Matthew Cary (44th, 16:16.1).

 Girls varsity

Team standings: 1st.

Individual results: Erin Facenda (fifth, 18:24.6); Cadence Chang (eighth, 18:33.1); Shaina Berk (10th, 18:44.2); Emily Garcia (14th, 19:01.5); Megan Oh (24th, 19:18.2); Emily Bialy (25th, 19:18.5); Rylie Parker (30th, 19:27.2). 

Boys junior varsity

Team standings: 6th.

Individual results: Ryan Chu (14th, 17:01.8); Geoffrey Morino (19th, 17:09.5); Aidan Williamson (21st, 17:14.7); Kenny Sunada (36th, 17:42.8); Harry Tang (73rd, 19:10.2); Roshan Rajesh (75th, 19:19.0). 

Girls junior varsity

Team standings: did not place.

Individual results: Isabella Torres (fourth, 21:13.6); Nirali Patel (20th, 22:02.4); Claire Gaglio (35th, 22:48.9); Isabella Harrison (39th, 23:01.3).

Boys sophomore

Team standings: 2nd.

Individual standings: Vincent Wood (fifth, 16:39.8); Gabriel Cao (12th, 17:09.4); Matthew Hegel (13th, 17:09.9); Connor Stansfield (14th, 17:11.3); Andrew Vela (23rd, 17:45.4); Franklin Peck (25th, 17:54.7); Cristian Contreras (36th, 18:15.0). 

Boys freshman

Team standings: 1st.

Individual results: Sebastian Contreras (first, 16:31.9); Mateo Cole (seventh, 17:35); Anthony Cirillo (11th, 17:45.5); Evan Seki (17th, 18:50.4); Dominic Ruiz (26th, 19:19.7); Andreas Vaca (74th, 22:24.0).  

Girls freshman

Team standings: 4th. 

Individual results: Jessica Cantu (15th, 21:52.3); Ariel Lee (22nd, 22:39.2); Madison Bravo (40th, 23:23.1); Daniella Orozco (43rd, 23:30.8); Sunny Lin (44th, 23:32.7); Jennifer Cary (46th, 23:36.2); Claire DuBoise (67th, 24:47.3).  

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