Swimmer Mayumi Pedroche

Swimmer Mayumi Pedroche competes at a recent meet with Chino Hills Aquatics swim club, which is currently ranked seventh in the nation by USA Swimming in the 9-10 and 11-12 age groups. 

The Chino Hills Aquatics swim team is ranked seventh in the Top 100 USA Swimming Age Group Teams in the 9-10 and 11-12 age groups by The American Swimming Coaches Association. 

“We are very proud of how hard our kids work and what they’ve accomplished,” said head coach Becky Moon. The team has not swam since the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

“We need to get back in the water,” Coach Moon said.

Rankings are based on results from the Long Course season in 2019 through the shortened Short Course season of 2019-20.

Scores were based on two virtual championship meets in a 10-lane pool, complete with finals and consolation. Scores were tallied through 20th-place for each event.

Those scores were then compiled from USA Swimming’s National Age Group rankings.

There are a total of 35 events for each virtual meet and divided into four divisions— 9-10 girls, 11-12 girls, 9-10 boys and 11-12 boys.

Teams ranked in the top 10 and their scores are: Santa Clara Swim Club (919), Texas Ford Aquatics (667), Lakeside Aquatic Club (658), Piedmont Family YMCA-CYAC (558), Pacific Swim (557), Scarlet Aquatics (456), Chino Hills Aquatics (393), TAC Titans (381), West Florida Lightning Aquatics (377) and Rose Bowl Aquatics (363). 

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