Ayala High senior Ariana Gonzalez

Ayala High senior Ariana Gonzalez wins the girls’ 100m hurdles event Tuesday afternoon in a Palomares League meet against Claremont, recording a time of 15.24 seconds. Gonzalez won the race by more than two seconds. 

Ayala High boys and girls track and field athletes won 24 of 32 events Tuesday afternoon during a dual track meet against Claremont High at the Ayala High stadium. 

Ayala’s boys team defeated Claremont 114-22 with the girls’ team beating the Wolfpack, 98-38. 

Meet results 

(First- through third- place athletes) 


100m: Chase Mars, Ayala, 11.11; Lennard DeGuzman, Ayala, 11.57; Vincent Bachofner, Ayala, 11.66. 

200m: Chase Mars, Ayala, 23.08; Ted Woodbury, Ayala, 23.66; Lennard DeGuzman, Ayala, 23.88. 

400m: Ted Woodbury, Ayala, 52.34; Joshua Lee, Ayala, 54.03; Chris Coles, Claremont, 57.43. 

800m: Jason Miranda, Claremont, 2:04.88; Mateo Cole, Ayala, 2:05.20; Sebastian Grannis, Claremont, 2:07.89. 

1,600m: Austin Lemus, Ayala, 4:37.98; Mason Ma, Ayala, 4:38.66; Chris Coles, Claremont, 4:38.82. 

3,200m: Austin Lemus, Ayala, 9:55.61; Mason Ma, Ayala, 9:58.47; Nathan Tsai, Ayala, 10:00.13. 

110m hurdles: Xavier English, Ayala, 16.86; Spencer Shuler, Ayala, 17:10; Lorenzo Bento, Claremont, 19:84. 

300m hurdles: Spencer Shuler, Ayala, 42.78; Aaron Dungca, Ayala, 45.47; Sid Valdez, Ayala, 45.58. 

4x100m (winner only): Lennard DeGuzman, Ted Woodbury, Joey Lazo, Chase Mars, Ayala, 44.29.

4x400m (winner only): Joshua Lee, Josias Molinar, Daniel Duenas, Ted Woodbury, Ayala, 3:44.50. 

Shot put: Luke Pruitt, Claremont, 46-10; Vincent Arriguin, Ayala, 39-09; Jake Sosnovasky, Claremont, 39-07. 

Discus: Xavier English, Ayala, 137-05; Vincent Arriguin, Ayala, 126-11; Luke Pruitt, Claremont, 116-09. 

High jump: Marcus Monroe, Ayala, 6-04; Isaiah Baca, Ayala, 5-04; Sid Valdez, Ayala, 5-04. 

Pole vault: Garrett Sanin, Claremont, 11-06; Xavier English, Ayala, 11-00; Nathan Rios, Ayala, 9-00. 

Long jump: Marcus Monroe, Ayala, 20-07; Isaiah Baca, Ayala, 19-07; Chase Mars, Ayala, 19-04. 

Triple jump: Xavier English, Ayala, 41-06; Aaron Dungca, Ayala, 38-04.75; Robert Davis, Claremont, 37-09.50.  


100m: Kayla McBride, Ayala, 12.24; Nia Dinkins, Ayala, 13.35; Makayla Robinson, Ayala, 13.40. 

200m: Kayla McBride, Ayala, 25.78; Lauren McBride, Ayala, 26.96; Makayla Robinson, Ayala, 28.22. 

400m: Lauren McBride, Ayala, 1:01.25; Samyra Smith, Ayala, 1:02.38; Isabella Contreras, Ayala, 1:03.64. 

800m: Angie Gushue, Claremont, 2:30.53; Alexa Gossett, Claremont, 2:34.20; Natalie Summer, Ayala, 2:35.13. 

1,600m: Maddie Coles, Claremont, 5:21.10; Angie Gushue, Claremont, 5:21.80; Shaina Berk, Ayala, 5:25.41. 

3,200m: Jie Yi Denise Chen, Claremont, 11:10.06; Emily Schott, Ayala, 11:42.11; Shaina Berk, Ayala, 11:47.90. 

100m hurdles: Ariana Gonzalez, Ayala, 15.24; Liberty Ortiz, Ayala, 17.41; Maia McDonald, Claremont, 19.11. 

300m hurdles: Liberty Ortiz, Ayala, 52.22; Maia McDonald, Claremont, 55.22; Leah Woodbury, Ayala, 56.87. 

4x100m: Ariana Gonzalez, Kayla McBride, Nia Dinkins, Lauren McBride, Ayala, 49.63. 

4x400m: Kayla McBride, Lauren McBride, Sophia Byers, Samyra Smith, Ayala, 4:16.36. 

Shot put: Summer McNeal, Ayala, 34-00; Priscilla Tristan, Ayala, 29-04; Madeline Seifert, Ayala, 29-01.50. 

Discus: Summer McNeal, Ayala, 93-04; Priscilla Tristan, Ayala, 83-08; Ava Tristan, Ayala, 83-05. 

High jump: Summer McNeal, Ayala, 5-00; Geneva Baca, Ayala, 4-08; Madeline Seifert, Ayala, 4-06. 

Pole vault: Bella Sanvictores, Claremont, 11-06; Madeline Seifert, Ayala, 11-00; Dora Zhu, Ayala, 9-06. 

Long jump: Madeline Seifert, Ayala, 16-08; Selah Eum, Claremont, 16-05.50; Summer McNeal, Ayala, 15-06. 

Triple jump: Selah Eum, Claremont, 34-01; Rochelle Henare, Ayala, 32-06; Geneva Baca, Ayala, 31-02.25.  

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