All-Baseline League honorees for football and volleyball for the 2019 season. First- and second-team all-league members from Chino Hills High’s boys’ water polo, boys and girls cross country and girls golf teams were also announced.

Chino Hills, Etiwanda, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos and Damien/St. Lucy’s high schools are Baseline League members.


Most Valuable Player, offense: CJ Stroud, Rancho Cucamonga.

Co-Most Valuable Players, defense: Justin Flowe, Upland; Esaia Bogar, Rancho Cucamonga.

First team, quarterbacks: Chino Hills’ Matthew Geeting; Upland’s Evan Rowe.

First team, running backs: Chino Hills’ Rayce Thornton; Rancho Cucamonga’s Elijah Moore; Upland’s Tyevin Ford.

Second team, quarterbacks: Damien’s Jordan Barton; Etiwanda’s Isaiah Vasquez; Los Osos’ Donovan Smith.

Second team, running backs: Damien’s Jacob Leazenby.

First team, wide receivers: Rancho Cucamonga’s Silas Bolden and Jayden Veal; Etiwanda’s Jordan Williams; Los Osos’ Tony Tedesco.

Second team, wide receivers: Chino Hills’ David Espinosa and James Murillo; Upland’s Daniel Sosa; Damien’s Nick Pendleton.

Honorable mention, wide receivers: Rancho Cucamonga’s EJ Wash and Collin Stites.

First team, offensive linemen: Chino Hills’ Tyler Perez and Nathan Kneubuhler; Rancho Cucamonga’s Julian Ripley and Dominic Perez; Etiwanda’s Christian Duran; Los Osos’ Jacob Gardener.

Second team, offensive linemen: Chino Hills’ Vincent Ceballos; Rancho Cucamonga’s Devin Collins and Noah Construble; Upland’s Joseph Church, Sitaiai Maileoi and Harry Maileoi; Etiwanda’s Jaeden Jollivete.

First team, place kickers: Etiwanda’s Vincente Garcia.

Second team, place kickers: Upland’s Archie Green.

Honorable mention, place kickers: Jeremy Ramirez.

First team, defensive backs: Chino Hills’ Isiah Carl; Rancho Cucamonga’s Quentin Moten and Kamarie Turner; Upland’s Isaiah Loera and Arron Chaney; Damien’s Andy Moraga.

Second team, defensive backs: Chino Hills’ Samuel Carillo and Elijah Iverson; Rancho Cucamonga’s Jordan Webb; Upland’s Alphonso Conley; Etiwanda’s Rafael Outley; Los Osos’ Isaiah Wimbush. 

First team, linebackers: Chino Hills’ Tucker Belville; Rancho Cucamonga’s Derick Rabadan; Damien’s Zack Camarena.

Second team, linebackers: Chino Hills’ Hector Lopez; Rancho Cucamonga’s Micah Matthews and Landon Toll; Upland’s Jonathan Flowe; Damien’s Shane Hefferon; Etiwanda’s Nick Prokopij and Luke Toki.

First team, defensive linemen: Rancho Cucamonga’s Esaia Bogar and Makhi Smith; Upland’s Josh Garcia; Damien’s Adrian Aragon; Etiwanda’s Dejon Roney and Samuel Telford.

Second team, defensive linemen: Rancho Cucamonga’s Lance Shorter and Sitina Latu; Upland’s Dominic Guerra; Damien’s Ethan DeGenaro.

First team, punters: Rancho Cucamonga’s Victor Mataele; Etiwanda’s Vicente Garcia.

Second team, punters: Damien’s Ben D’Aguila.

Girls volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Jenna Giambi, Upland.

First team: Rancho Cucamonga’s Kameron Bacon, Preslee Lillard and Jazlynn Soriano; Upland’s Brooke Sherman and Brooke McKee; Etiwanda’s Gabby Rawson and Taylor Ray; Los Osos’ Sam Taylor; St. Lucy’s Sophie Nasir.

Second team: Chino Hills’ Jia Albaran; Upland’s Madison Robertson and Riley Contreras; St. Lucy’s Keilani Mumolo and Savannah Hoffmann; Rancho Cucamonga’s Solay Mills, Shanelle Puetz and Lauren Bliss; Los Osos’ Sabi Gobaton; Etiwanda’s Emma Tippeconnic.

Boys water polo

Chino Hills High athletes only

First team: Luke Noblett.

Second team: Cade Poulter.

Girls tennis

Chino Hills High athletes only

First team: Charlotte Chio.

Girls golf

Chino Hills High athletes only

First team: Emma Tang, Catherine Li and Bianca Sun.

Second team: Loren Sullivan, Alyssa Guevara and Kalea Holberg-Olsen.

Girls cross country

Chino Hills High athletes only

First team: Lauren Jauregui, Karis Brown, Jenna Gallegos and Miranda McGarry.

Boys cross country

Chino Hills High athletes only

First team: Mason Ma.

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