Chino High sophomore Mia Chavez won a Division 3 girls varsity race and the Chino Hills High girls team placed 11th in the Division 1-2 team sweepstakes at last weekend’s Mt. San Antonio College Invitational in Walnut, the largest high school cross country meet in the country.

Chavez led Cowgirls with a time of 19:04.2, pacing the way for the Cowgirls to place first in the team standings with 83 points. Monroe High took second with 109 points and Hilltop took third with 132 points in the 16-team race.

Megan Mirolla placed seventh in 20:51.4 and Alexis Wachowski placed 14th in 21:35.0 for Chino.

Chino Hills High girls, who were without standout Jacqueline Duarte because of a knee injury she suffered playing soccer on Oct. 13, scored 236 points to place 11th in the 15-team sweepstakes race.

Lauren Jauregui led the Huskies with a 23rd-place finish in 18:41.5.

In another Division 3 girls’ race, Don Lugo High’s Aariana Amezcua placed fifth overall in 19:53.4 to pace the Conquistadores to a 14th-place finish in the 18-team race. 


Mt. San Antonio College Invitational

Chino High School

Girls varsity, Division 3

Team standings: 1st out of 16 teams.

Individual results: Mia Chavez, first, 19:04.2; Megan Mirolla, seventh, 20:51.4; Alexis Wachowski, 14th, 21:35.0; Allison Gutierrez, 35th, 22:57.6; Sarah Cuevas-Molina, 50th, 23:49.1. 

Boys varsity, Division 3

Team standings: 4th out of 20 teams.

Individual results: Kristian Kimberlin, 17th, 17:11.0; Rodrigo Aguilera, 25th, 17:32.7; Adam Perez, 37th, 17:52.3; Joveth Carrasco, 39th, 17:54.6; Cesar Hernandez, 40th, 17:58.2. 

Chino Hills High School

Girls varsity, Division 1&2 Team Sweepstakes

Team standings: 11th out of 15 teams.

Individual results: Lauren Jauregui, 23rd, 18:41.5; Jenna Gallegos, 39th, 19:15.3; Karis Brown, 53rd, 19:42.7; Isabella Duarte, 60th, 20:01.4; Miranda McGarry, 61st, 20:01.7. 

Boys varsity, Division 1&2

Team standings: 8th out of 17 teams.

Individual results: Mason Ma, 17th, 16:11.1; Tyson Musser, 32nd, 16:39.6; Erik Garcia, 46th, 16:53.3; Andrew Garcia, 54th, 16:58.4; Jacob Montenegro, 55th, 16:59.5. 

Girls junior varsity, Division 1&2 National Championships

Team standings: 5th out of nine teams.

Individual results: Riley Rivera, seventh, 19:40.2; Camille Cortes, 34th, 21:07.0; Lanae Nembhard, 43rd, 21:42.1; Belinda Oceguera, 48th, 21:54.4; Alayna Hayes, 50th, 21:58.4.

Boys junior varsity, Division 1

Team standings: 4th out of 22 teams.

Individual results: Roman Hunter, 12th, 17:23.4; Zane Buhagiar, 19th, 17:32.6; Andres Morales, 25th, 17:37.3; Austin Bertalot, 33rd, 17:49.2; David Bar, 54th, 18:16.9. 

Boys sophomores, Division 1&2

Team standings: 4th out of 14 teams.

Individual results: Skyler Jones, 10th, 17:21.8; Nick Shutes, 18th, 17:51.7; Luke Zimmerman, 19th, 17:53.1; Jacob Padilla, 26th, 17:59.6; Alan Truong, 31st, 18:08.5. 

Girls sophomores, Division 1&2

Team standings: no team score.

Individual results: Emma Gutierrez, 46th, 22:31.2 ; Anuthmi Waas, 53rd, 23:01.1; Lillian Oceguera, 57th, 23:20.1;   

Boys freshmen, Division 1&2

Team standings: 2nd out of 14 teams.

Individual results: Aiden Gomez, 12th, 17:22.2; Seth Romero, 15th, 17:26.7; Rylan Dinneweth, 16th, 17:26.9; Caleb Mitchell, 40th, 18:26.3; Jack Pusztai, 58th, 18:57.5. 

Girls freshmen, Division 1&2

Team standings: no team score.

Individual results: Ava Mack, 55th, 22:13.2; Juliet Russo, 108th, 23:42.4; 

Don Lugo High School

Boys varsity, Division 3

Team standings: 8th out of 20 teams.

Individual results: Robbie Valdez, 44th, 18:05.1; Ricky Villanueva, 52nd, 18:13.0; Christopher Sanchez, 58th, 18:26. 7; Haden Garcia, 60th, 18:30.4; Mark Hamilton, 75th, 18:47.7. 

Girls varsity, Division 3

Team standings: 14th out of 18 teams.

Individual results: Aariana Amezcua, fifth, 19:53.4; Yasmine Lara, 79th, 24:15.9; Nicole Boskovich, 86th, 24:40.5; Rebecca Figueroa, 102nd, 25:36.1; Samantha Dominguez, 124th, 27:16.2.

Boys junior varsity, Division 3

Team standings: 10th out of 16 teams.

Individual results: Angel Padilla, 34th, 19:51.6; Jason Escalera, 43rd, 20:08.1; Erik Silva, 47th, 20:21.9; Nelson Oliveres, 100th, 22:42.1; Andres Barragan, 104th, 22:52.5. 

Boys freshmen, Division 3

Team standings: 7th out of nine teams.

Individual results: Jordan Berkley, 16th, 19:22.8; Edward Lopez, 50th, 21:30.6; David Hernandez, 63rd, 22:28.8; Anthony Flores, 68th, 22:39.7; Scott Norton, 78th, 23:09.1. 

Riverside Invitational

Ayala High boys and girls teams competed last Saturday in the Riverside Invitational at the Riverside Cross Country Course, placing 27th and 15th in their respective varsity races.

Girls varsity, Division 1

Team standings: 15th out of 26 teams.

Individual results: Shaina Berk, 40th, 19:06.4; Megan Oh, 82nd, 19:46.3; Emily Garcia, 84th, 19:46.3; Emma Bialy, 85th, 19:50.8; Cadence Chang, 100th, 20:01.0.

Boys varsity, Division 1

Team standings: 27th out of 27 teams

Individual results: Yael Grimaldi, 111th, 16:31.0; Austin Lemus, 149th, 16:59.4; Vincent Wood, 162nd, 17:11.0 ; Diego Sigala, 169th, 17:20.9; Ethan Siordia, 177th, 17:46.9. 

Boys sophomores, Division 1

Team standings: 17th out of 19 teams.

Individual results: Nicholas Schott, 31st, 17:10.4; Evan Seki, 69th, 17:50.6; Alejandro Aparicio, 93rd, 18:27.6; Dominic Ruiz, 94th, 18:28.7; Ian Facenda, 178th, 21:27.0. 

Girls frosh-soph, Division 1

Team standings: 9th out of 20 teams.

Individual results: Roxanne Ehrig, 20th, 20:19.9; Ava Cornell, 32nd, 20:30.8; Kaitlyn Cerwinski, 48th, 20:55.0; Madison Bravo, 53rd, 20:59.0; Sarah Hinkle, 79th, 21:29.9. 

Boys freshman, Division 1

Team standings: 9th out of 18 teams.

Individual results: Nathan Tsai, 11th, 17:19.3; Joshua Aguayo, 36th, 17:56.3; Ethan Annotti-Izumi, 44th, 18:05.8; Christopher Sydnor, 60th, 18:29.2; Nicholas Gamm, 100th, 19:07.7. 

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