Chino Hills High quarterback Matthew Geeting

Chino Hills High quarterback Matthew Geeting throws a pass during high school football game in 2019. It is possible the start of the 2020 high school football season could be delayed until January because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s not yet known when high school sports teams will get back onto the field, but CIF-Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod said it is possible football and other fall season sports may not start until January. 

“Decisions have to be made on the local level. Public schools, superintendents, private school heads of school, school boards, they’re going to have to decide when they’re going to bring academics back,” Mr. Wigod said in a May 8 interview with Scorebook Live, the official digital provider of the CIF-Southern Section. “And we are an academically based organization. Our motto is academics, integrity and athletics. So it’s academics first. And they are going to have to decide when they bring academics back. And when they do, then they have to decide when to bring athletics back.” 

He said it will be interesting to see if a school decides to open up to students, will they allow athletic activities to take place. 

Mr. Wigod said if it is decided to start the fall sports season in January, it would conclude by mid-March. Winter season sports would start in February, instead of November, and spring sports would begin in April, instead of February. 

It is also possible the spring sports season playoffs could extend into June. 

“You’re looking at approximately two and a half months for each season of sport,” Mr. Wigod said. “I still think that’s enough time for viable seasons. We may get to that point. I’d love fall sports to happen and have them finished in a normal circumstance prior to January, but this is a call to leadership, and we need to answer that call. We want to deliver what everybody wants to see happen.” 

He said CIF-Southern Section officials have a spreadsheet on each of its public schools, and many of its private schools, that will keep track of dates when those schools plan to open. 

“Then the big challenge that we’re going to have is when there are enough schools back and enough of them who’ve resumed athletics, we would then be able to put together a calendar to conduct section championships and a regular season with an emphasis on league play. So that’s the position we are in right now,” Mr. Wigod said.

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