Ontario Christian High senior Aiden Vorster

Ontario Christian High senior Aiden Vorster finishes first overall in the Ambassador League boys cross country race last Saturday at Woodcrest Christian High in Riverside with a time of 15.:42.8. As a team, Ontario Christian tied Arrowhead Christian for first in the race with 62 points apiece, but Ontario Christian won the tiebreaker with a faster sixth-place finisher.

Cross country



Chino Hills 29, Chino 36, Don Lugo 61

Results from last Saturday’s meet at Chino Hills High: 

Chino Hills: Noah Chavez, first, 16:04.2; Aiden Gomez, fourth, 16:21.4; Nicholas Schutes, seventh, 16:34.7; Jacob Montenegro, eighth, 16:35.3; Rylan Dinneweth, ninth, 16:36.2.

Chino: Rodrigo Aguilera, second, 16:05.1; Adam Perez, fifth, 16:24.3; Kristian Kimberlin, sixth, 16:26.5; Cesar Hernandez, 11th, 16:47.8; Joveth Carrasco, 12th, 16:478.9.

Don Lugo: Jordan Berkley, third, 16:20.8; Robbie Valdez, 10th, 16:39.9; Haden Garcia, 14th, 17:16.5; Frank Peck, 16th, 17:29.5; Christopher Sanchez, 18th, 17:48.4.


Chino Hills 24, Don Lugo 62, Chino 67

Results from last Saturday’s meet at Chino Hills High:

Chino Hills: Jacqueline Duarte, second, 17:39.2; Karis Brown, third, 18:05.0; Jenna Gallegos, fourth, 18:18.0; Belinda Oceguera, seventh, 19:29.2; Maya Centeno, eighth, 19:33.0.

Don Lugo: Aariana Amezcua, fifth, 18:53.3; Nicole Boskovich, sixth, 19:19.2; Baylin Polite, 15th, 20:31.3; Naya Garcia, 16th, 20:46.1; Elizabeth Mendoza, 28:59.7.

Chino: Mia Chavez, first, 17:20.1; Alexis Wachowski, 12th, 20:03.1; Breanna Barragan-Ochoa, 17th, 21:31.0; Mikani Telles, 18th, 22:48.8; Bessy Quintanilla, 19th, 27:28.4.

Ambassador League boys

Ontario Christian 62, Arrowhead Christian 62, Aquinas 79, Linfield Christian 86, Western Christian 107, Woodcrest Christian 113 (Ontario Christian wins tiebreaker with higher-placed sixth runner)

Ontario Christian results from last Saturday’s meet at Woodcrest Christian in Riverside: Aiden Vorster, first, 15:42.9; Mario Balderas, 11th, 18:07.7; Logan Peters, 14th, 18:36.8; Aiden Thigpen, 17th, 19:01.2; Mitchell Windsor, 19th, 19:25.9.

Junior varsity results: Aquinas 26, Ontario Christian 30, Woodcrest Christian no score; Arrowhead Christian no score

Ambassador League girls

Linfield Christian 25, Aquinas 34, Ontario Christian 74, Woodcrest Christian no score, Western Christian no score, Arrowhead Christian no score

Ontario Christian results from last Saturday’s meet at Woodcrest Christian in Riverside: Marian Mendoza, 15th, 24:12.6; Emma Kirsteppfad, 17th, 24:25.8; Sydney Peters, 20th, 25:05.9; Sarah Squyers, 22nd, 25:21.5; Olivia DeGroot, 27th, 29:06.7.

Palomares League 


Ayala 15, Claremont 42

Ayala High results from last Saturday’s meet at Ayala High in Chino Hills: Austin Lemus, first, 15:19.44; Mason Ma, second, 15:20.18; Nathan Tsai, third, 15:29.78; Vincent Wood, fourth, 15:38.39; Sebastian Contreras, fifth, 15:41.49.


Ayala 25, Claremont 32

Ayala High results from last Saturday’s meet at Ayala High in Chino Hills: Emily Schott, second, 17:36.82; Shaina Berk, third, 17:37.77; Cadence Chang, fifth, 18:04.83; Emma Bialy, sixth, 18:18.88; Isabella Contreras, ninth, 19:37.01.

Girls tennis


Crean Lutheran 17, Ontario Christian 1

Ontario Christian singles winners from Tuesday’s match: Lauren Liang (6-4). 

Valley Christian 15, Ontario Christian 3

Ontario Christian singles winners from the match played Feb. 26: Lauren Liang (6-1, 6-1).

Doubles: Taryn Galindo and Campbell Darney (6-2). 

High school coaches can submit scores and stats to sports@championnewspapers.com

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